Setup Wizard On Android

    Setup Wizard
    5 Apr

    Setup Wizard On Android

    Setup Wizard is a computer or Android Application, Wizard is designed for the purpose of simplifying the execution of hard and complicated tasks related to your Android phone. In Android and internet applications, the Wizard is sometimes used by Human hackers or experts. 

    A setup Wizard is a developed tool and it is installed on the Android phone for the purpose of helping users to control and manage All types of applications. After the Setup wizard in your Android phone then it provides multiple Features and functions for controlling your phone application. Wizard also provides a primary setup license and its primary license is used to backup your application in your new phone. A setup or installation wizard is basically a setup tool that manages your application on the android device. 

    All wizard setup on your Android phone installs in custom ROMs on the Android device, if you already purchase a premium license to your device. A lot of other problems manage to help with the Wizard tool. After setting up the Wizard your Application shows into many different-different categories. If you get a premium license then you use most of the tools and functions to perform like you easily restore your old phone all Applications in your new android phone. 

    List of some common basic features of Wizard setup in android

    • After proper setup shows your android phone application in many categories.
    • If you have a wizard premium license then you simply restore your old application in your new android phone and you also get more functions and it helps manage your android device.
    • It helps you to set up custom ROMs at the tool if the device is top rate licensed.
    • If you successfully set up wizard then it helps you manage many account-related settings on your android device.
    • Setup wizard allows you to categorize the Apps you established on your device
    • Wizard also helps you to restore all your current data.

    So, we noticed what a setup wizard definitely means, and additionally, we noticed the capabilities of the wizard.

    Now it’s time to look for a way to install a wizard on the android device.

    Some android version examples:

    Releasing Date              Version
    4 Oct 2016Android 7.1
    5 Dec 2016Android 7.1.1
    21 Aug 2017Android 8.0
    9 Aug 2018Android 9
    3 Sep 2019Android 10
    8 Sep 2020Android 11
    3 Oct 2021Android 12(Latest version)

    How to setup Wizard in your android device

    If you buy any new android phone and you turn on the phone then some setting is required then you set up your Wizard in the android phone. Also, you restart your android phone then it asks for some settings on activating the device then you use wizard. So, if you setup wizard on your android device then you follow these steps: 

    1. Firstly you go to the setting then you ask if setting up the language then you choose your preferred language.
    2. After that, you come into the vision and heading setting process. Simply go to the setting section and change the text option for your choice.
    3. Now you simply click on the start button and next move to the next process in the menu option.
    4. Then you need a network connection, so you select the network and fill in the network password, and get processed.
    5. Now your wizard setup license agreement is approved and you simply read the agreement and follow this license agreement role.
    6. You also diagnostic and usage data information or after reading this you click permission yes or no. then select next to move net process.
    7.  Now your google account is created you simply set up your google account. If you do not have a Gmail account then you simply create a new google account and then implement this process.


    Now the Wizard is all set for you to use and enjoy your new android phone or device. After following these all things you easily set up your Wizard in all types of the android divide. If you successfully installed and set up a wizard on an android device then most of the functions are used and easily manage on your phone. You also restore your old data in your new phone simply and manage applications on all types of android device. 

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