Our Blogivy Team is eager to declare that Blogivy is at present open to New Authors! We are a delight, well being, practice wellness, design, and way of life blog for multiple categories and topics.

Why is writing life wonderful?

Because the professionals who are in the writing life, they take a moment, close their eyes, thinks about the topic which truly engages readers and they have the passion to give life to there content. They create the whole world and characters completely real to their readers.

“We at Blogivy, heartily welcome the above personality to put their idea in their written voice”

Read the Guidelines Carefully:

1. Original Content – You cannot publish this content anywhere, however, we can discuss your post on your site.

2. You must be willing to commit to at least one to two quality articles per month with a 3-month commitment.

3. You must have a good command of creative writing skills.

4. Your posts must be at least 500 to 800 words.

5. Make sure to post/share the link to your published content on your social network(s)

6. Provide no less than 2 free pictures applicable to your substance or on the off chance that you have taken from some place at that point give the best possible credit.

7. You are only allowed to place two links to your own site in every article. If you want to place them on other platforms we can totally discuss.

8. Please don’t share Affiliate links

Why You Should Write For Blogivy:

This position is completely free of cost. However, it is a win-win situation. You help me keep up with great content and quality posts and in return, this site will help you gain more exposure in addition to promoting your site.

“Please do not share your article without reading the guidelines of Blogivy”

How To Share Your Articles?

You can easily contribute your blog content in a separate word file with meta description and image on mentioned below mail id.

Share your article at [email protected]


If you don’t follow the guidelines by mistake then your content will be published by admin with removing your author bio.