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7 Dec

List of Sports: Why sports is important?

History of sports Sports are popular for an ancient time.  Because the list of sports you includes the preparation and training for war and hunting since old time. An ancient time, hunted of the animal was the famous sport of human. Sports started in Greece country almost 3000 BC ago. The first Olympic game was
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25 Sep

Hockey, A Game Of India

Hockey is a game those plays between two teams, of eleven players each. In this game, we put the ball in the opponent’s team goal. The goalkeeper is responsible for blocking the goal made by the opponent’s team. The goalkeeper is equipped with a small hockey stick and a hockey pad. His aim is to
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20 Aug

Chess A Game of Mind

Essentially, Chess Is a most usually or a prevalent diversion. That is well-Known as”Game Of Mind”. That Game is generally unique in relation to others diversions, and as I would like to think at whatever point you play the game Keep your mind centered in the amusement, on the off chance that you not engaged
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