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    23 Jan

    Backup iPhone to Computer in Simple Steps

    Keeping a backup in your PC will help you to play safe when you accidentally lose your data. iPhone is the most secure smartphones but accidents can happen with most secure things too. So in safe hands, you should keep a copy of your iPhone storage to your computer. When you have a backup of
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    12 Nov

    Ayodya possession- A matter of discussion!

    From a long time, this matter was under the review of the supreme court that who are having an authority to have legal possession of this property. There are three party who are continuously making that this property was under their procession but day by day it was transferring from one date to another. But
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    6 Feb

    top engineering universities in the world

    If you love from engineering and you have a great desire to make his carrier in the field of engineering. Then you would know about top engineering universities in the world and which university is the best for engineering? Today, I want to discuss top engineering universities in the world that is popular for the
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    18 Dec

    What after B.Tech | Career options after engineering

    B. Tech (Bachelor of technology) is a fourth-year engineering course. And it is an undergraduate degree. This degree provided to the student after completing fourth year engineering in an accredited university like NIIT, AKTU, etc. But many engineering students are anxious that what to do after B.Tech completing the course. But you don’t worry. There
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    3 Oct

    6 Benefits of Mobile Apps In Education

    Now these changing times, students are more driven towards using a mobile phone for every purpose. A smartphone they call it. The whole world is at the fingertips and a student can get access to any information from anywhere. Smartphone devices are an essential part of our daily life today. Definition of smart technology in almost
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    28 Sep

    Robots And Different Types Of Industrial Robots

    Robotics is a different branch of engineering and science. To develop robots we use some technology like mechanical engineering, computer science & engineering, electronic engineering. Thus we can say robotics is a collection of different technology. Development of the robot to a good achievement for the human. History of Robots History of robots inspiration an age-old
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    6 Sep

    7 Top colleges under Delhi University

    Let’s start with DU college as you know Delhi University is famous for its campus and activities. Yet I tell you that, if you want to do the course there are some college for students. And don’t stress your mind if your searching colleges in DU campus. Delhi University has 65 colleges and divided into
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