Education of Automobile or Automotive Engineering for future generation

    30 Aug

    Education of Automobile or Automotive Engineering for future generation

    I know that every people have a craze of vehicles and want to make their own. So, there is something special for you my friends about Automobile. Nowadays the future is very vast for the automobile because each and every human wants to grow and have the abilities to take the vehicles.

    If you comfort to know what it means then understand and gain the knowledge on a topic which helps you in the education part also.

    Now, I start the line that what is “Automotive Engineering”?

    Automotive is the branch of vehicle engineering. The automotive Course and principles of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as utilized to the design, creation, and execution or operation of motorcycles, automobiles and trucks and their respective subsystem.

    It also includes changing of vehicle’s elements. The fundamentals and theory automotive engineering describe (design, develop, fabricate, and testing vehicles or vehicles components). Basically, there is three major component in this field that are:

    1. Production

    2. Development

    3. Manufacturing

    In a Nutshell, We Say That,

    On the other hand, Automobile Engineering is well known for the operations like manufacturing, designing, mechanical and mechanisms. It’s a presentation to auto engineering which deals with motorcycles, cars, buses trucks etc.

    The attributes and disciplines of automotive or automobile engineering courses are as Follows:-

    1. Safety engineering

    Safety Engineering
    Safety Engineering                                              image source:

    This is the Discipline where systems provide acceptable levels of safety in the vehicles as considered. It’s powerfully and dimensional to relate with industrial engineering/systems engineering, the subdivision system safety engineering.

    2. Fuel economy/emissions


    It can be termed as that measured or deliberate fuel efficiency of the vehicle in miles per gallon or kilometers per liter. The measurement of vehicle emissions, including hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and evaporative emissions are termed as “emission”.

    3. Vehicle Electronics

    Automotive electronics
    Automotive electronics

    Automotive electronics is an incredible objective aspect of best automobile engineering. New generation vehicles confirm dozens of electronic systems. These help in control or executes an operation of the vehicle like throttle, brake, and steering controls.

    In addition to various comfort and convenience systems like the HVAC, infotainment, and lighting systems.

    4. Performance

    vehicle's performance
    vehicle’s performance

    It measures the testable value of a vehicle’s and performs in different conditions known as “Performance”. Performance can be knowledgeable in a different variety of assignments, however, it’s generally termed with how quickly a vehicle can accelerate (i.e., 0-100 km per hour in 10 seconds).

    5. Shift quality

    Automatic transmission
    Automatic transmission

    The driver’s perception of the automobile to an automatic transmission shift event is known as “Shift Quality”. This is determined by the powertrain (engine, transmission), and the conveyance (driveline, suspension, engine and powertrains mountain, etc.).

    Shift quality is express as many events like:

    1. Transmission shifts are felt as an upshift at acceleration (1-2).

    2. Downshift maneuver in passing (4-2).

    6. Durability/Corrosion engineering

    Durability and Corrosion engineering
    Durability and Corrosion engineering

    Engineer evaluates testing of a vehicle for its useful life that is termed as “Durability and corrosion engineering”.

    Automobile Test includes:

    1. Mileage accumulation

    2. Severe driving conditions

    3. corrosive salt baths.

    7. Drivability

    level of Drivability
    level of Drivability

    The vehicle’s response to general conditions of driving is known as Drivability. The performance levels of the automobile can be checks through:

    1. Cold starts and stalls

    2. RPM dips

    3. Idle response

    4. Launch hesitations and stumbles

    5. Mileage


    Cost of vehicles
    Cost of vehicles

    The cost of vehicles associated with the normal effect on the variable cost of a vehicle and the fixed costs created as the vehicle improves through the engineer. It is also associated with warranty reductions and marketing.

    9. Program timing

    Schedule of the model
    Schedule of the model

    Through some wideness, programs are timed with respect to the market, and the production also schedules the assembly plants. Some new products in the design must support the growth and prepare the schedule of the model.

    10. Assembly feasibility


    It’s very simple to design a module which is to difficult to assemble, or resulting in damaged units or failure tolerances. Although, the resulting design is accurate and reasonable to create and assemble, plus delivering convenient functionality and representation.

    11. Quality management

    Quality control is a significant factor in the production work, as high-quality work wants to meet as per customer specification and to dismiss high-priced campaigns.


    image source:

    The involvement of components contained in the production process that needs a combination of different tools and techniques for quality control.

    Generally, this type of standard defines some of the points:

    • Design
    • Development
    • Production, and
    • When relevant, installation and service requirements.

    Since the 1950s, the complete business approaches TQM which stands for (Total Quality Management). TQM helps to frequently change the production system of automotive products and components.

    Some of the companies who have brought about TQM include

    • Ford Motor Company
    • Motorola and
    • Toyota Motor Company.

    We know that Motorola is a smartphone but it is implementing by TQM (Total Quality Management).


    These disciplines help in the formation of any vehicles which is easily understandable how you can implement or work on the particular assignment. This will helpful for you in the education also in the theory portion, but if you go to any automobile companies you have to remember the following things.

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