How To Change Roku Account On Tv?

    Roku Account
    22 Dec

    How To Change Roku Account On Tv?

    Roku Account is one of the famous apps that contains a variety of entertainment. The multiple channels that are included in it are Sports channels, news channels, TV shows, movies, songs, and many more. It is available with several entertainment options with a personalized and customized experience. Roku contains a great user interface that helps you to watch your favorite things with a better experience.

    With Roku, you can change themes and it also helps you to take screenshots which is an example of a personalized experience. But before that, you have to do the settings of the Roku account and after that, you do it according to your choice.

    Why Do you need a Roku Account?

    We need to have a Roku account because without that you are unable to use your Roku Device. After making an account you have to link your device with the Roku account and save the settings. For this, you need a valid and working Email address because once you save the settings a Roku sends a mail on that valid mail for confirmation and other important notifications on the same mail. You can manage your subscription and also helps you to purchase history.

    Roku doesn’t charge any fee for creating a Roku account but you need to confirm a payment method. But if you don’t like it after using it provides you with an option to go back and change the payment settings. But if you want to watch your favorite channels you need to take the subscription.

    Linking and Unlinking Your Device:-

    Steps for Linking your device:- 

    Following are the important steps for linking your device:-

    1.  Click on the URL from your mobile or tablet.
    2. Then the fill in all the data you need to fill in to make an account.
    3. You need to fill in your Name, Email id and password.
    4. Then create a PIN of Roku account because it is very important to make purchases and to add channels.
    5. After all the above settings click on the submit button and you are all set to use your Roku account.
    6. Note the credentials of Roku
    7. Then open the URL for login.

    Steps for Unlinking your device:- 

    Following are the important steps for unlinking your device:-

    1. Open my on your computer, tablet or mobile.
    2. Then sign in if your device asks for it.
    3. Then scroll down the page and locate the device from the My linked devices.
    4. After the above settings, you need to click on the Unlink and then confirm it.
    5. Don’t click on the back button while doing this procedure.

    Roku is one of the famous apps for watching unlimited entertainment like Movies, TV serials, Sports on your device by simply login on Roku account. For that, you need to link your device by following simple steps and you are all set to use Roku. The above article helps you to Link and unlink the Roku on your device.

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