4 Reasons to Use Corporate Portraits for Your Professional Profile and Resume

    20 Mar

    4 Reasons to Use Corporate Portraits for Your Professional Profile and Resume

    Research shows that posting a beautifully taken corporate portrait on your company website can significantly increase visits and boost visitor retention. This only goes to show that you mustn’t overlook the power of high-quality photography in boosting business performance.

    But that is not the only reason why you should invest in business portrait photography. It can accomplish a variety of goals as far as you and your job or business are concerned. Here are four other reasons why you should use professional corporate headshots for your work profile.

    1. Photos can show different facets of your personality.

    According to a top photography studio in Dubai, your profile pictures should showcase who you are as a person and not just as a professional. This is why, for company headshots and portraits, they recommend at least two outfit changes, as well as a variety of facial expressions and poses because behind a job title is a unique individual with their own personality.

    In the business world, dynamic personalities are always regarded highly, and one of the easiest ways to show the different facets of who you are is by adding a more relaxed portrait of yourself on your work profile. This image will provide your audience with a glimpse of the character behind your professional persona.

    2. Work profiles can be shared across different social media platforms.

    Being present across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and even Pinterest is a must for professionals. And, doing so requires different presentations of yourself. You will find that certain types of photographs are more fitting to particular social media platforms.

    Suffice it to say, you need a collection of headshots and portraits that will be most appropriate for every platform. This is a smart strategy in appealing effectively to the unique audiences of every social media site.

    For instance, for LinkedIn and Google+, it’s best to go with a serious-looking corporate headshot. Meanwhile, for Facebook and Twitter, one with a more casual vibe may work better. As for Instagram and Pinterest, a corporate portrait with a bit more artistry will be received better by typical users.

    3. You want your profile picture to match your credentials.

    Professional corporate photographers always say that the best profile picture should support the best resumé. You can create the right impact with this logical pairing.

    If you wish to instantly set in the mind of the person looking at your CV or resume that you are as good as what you claim to be, your profile picture should reflect that. This is easier to achieve with the help of the pros who are not just aware but are completely knowledgeable of photo elements (poses, background, clothing, and facial expressions) that help establish credibility.

    4. A professional portrait demonstrates how you take your job seriously.

    Cement the impression that you are a total professional by only using high-quality corporate images in your work profile, resumé, or even in your marketing paraphernalia (such as calling cards or roll-up banners) that requires your image.

    Beautiful, professionally taken headshots show that you value quality and that you do not mind the cost as long as the best results are delivered. This one way of convincing clients that you are prepared to go the extra mile for the perfect service. It will be easier for you to earn their trust in this way and build a great reputation.

    How to Take Business Portraits

    Now that you know the reasons why you should use professionally taken corporate headshots for your work profile and resumé, what you need to know now is how to prepare yourself for a photo session that would provide you with the best business headshots or portraits to use. If you are anything but a natural in front of the camera, here are some of the best tips from the pros to help you out:

    ● Practice smiling in front of the mirror

    Although you don’t necessarily have to smile for your corporate headshot, you want to be prepared when asked to do so. There’s really no better way of learning how to do this comfortably and naturally other than to practice in front of the mirror.

    Find your most natural-looking smile and take a picture on your phone. Recreate it several times until your face just instinctively creates the same expression.

    ● Find your best angle

    Again, this requires some practice. For this, you will need a mirror or camera. Tilt your head in different ways until you find the most flattering angle for your face. Or, you can follow this instruction from professional headshot photographers: lower your chin slightly and tilt your head slightly to the side. This is a fool-proof angle for headshots.

    ● Wear makeup

    The kind of makeup to wear should make you look like the best version of yourself. Let these words from world-famous makeup artist, Bobbi Brown sink in: “Makeup is not about how you look but about what you do look like.” That being said, opt for natural makeup.

    Just define your eyebrows, the shape of your eyes, add a natural flush to your cheeks, use a lip color that closely resembles the real color of your mouth, and mattify your skin. For men, makeup is all about making you look properly groomed. Brush those eyebrows, mattify the skin with a bit of true match foundation and powder, and apply lip balm. As for hair, just style it like you usually do and do not get a haircut before the photo session.

    ● Come up with ways to relax your body

    For corporate portraits, you want to make sure that your body does not look stiff. Remember, the body has a language, and you want to deliver the right message with your body through the picture. This can be a tad tricky to pull off, so, do find methods of relaxing your body.

    You may want to do some stretching or deep breathing. You may also try establishing rapport with your photographer first. This way, it will be less challenging to follow instructions.

    ● Choose your most flattering outfits

    The principle here is simple — wear the work and casual attire that have earned you the most compliments. However, opt for the most basic pieces. You never want your outfit to take too much attention.

    Get photos to highlight your advantage

    Corporate headshots can truly offer excellent benefits to your business and career. So, if you’re making over your work profile or resumé, hire the best photography services for your profile pictures. This is the surefire way to ensure that the image you project serves as an asset to your professional and business pursuits.

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