Top international businessman in the world

    international businessman
    17 Jan

    Top international businessman in the world

    Do you know about the most popular international businessman in the world? What is the secret of his success? What ideas may be for your own business? First of all, I will tell you. What is a business? Basically, business is an organization or (company) where you sell your product to other company or (organization) for money purposes is called business.

    International business or national business is an effective idea to improve the economic system in your country. A successful national and international businessman can give more ideas to develop your country and people. They can invest their money to make a company or organization. Through which a number of opportunities may be generated for employment that is a very beneficial development for the country. You can say that business is an effective system to improve situation your country economic. There are many types of business but I have explained a brief demonstration of national business and international business.

    National business

    When we are selling and purchasing a product in our country for money purpose is called national business.

    International business

    When we are selling and purchasing a product out of a country (foreign) for money purpose is called International business. The dealer of its business is called an international businessman. I am going to explain a list of a popular  international businessman in the world

    1. Bill Gates (USA)
    2. Jack Ma (China)
    3. Mukesh Ambani(India)
    4. Richard Branson (U.K.)
    5. Bernard Arnault (France)

    International Businessman and their country

    SR No International Businessman                    Country
    1Bill GatesUnited state of America(USA)
    2Jack MaChina
    3Mukesh AmbaniIndia
    4Richard BransonUnited Kingdom(UK)
    5Bernard Arnault France

    Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    Bill Gates

    Today I am going to describe a brief history of an international businessman that name is “Bill gate”. Dut to his hard work in his life he touched not only the peak of success but also with Bill Gates is a source of inspiration for many people that you can achieve everything in your life, nothing impossible for a human. Because in this time Bill Gates is a founder of Microsoft company also with he has a specific place in the list of an international businessman.

    The family of Bill Gates

    William Henry Gates is the full name of  Bill Gates. Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington on Oct 28, 1985. There are four members in his family. His father was William H. Gates, a popular lawyer. Bill Gates mother was Mary Maxwell Gates who was the first member of interstate Bank system and United Board of the director. Also with he has two sister which name is Christie and Libby. Bill Gates like to played sport from childhood.


    Father of Bill Gates had decided of making a career in law, but Bills Gates are interested in computer science and he likes to did programming. His first education took place at Lakeside School. When Bill Gates was only thirteen years old he wrote his first computer programme which name was “Tic-Tac-Toe” that used for only play the game. Bill Gates always excited to know about machine code.

     At the age of seventeen, Bill Gates and his friends Allen make a “trophy -o-data” venture that used to create Traffic counter that based on the Intel 8008 microprocessor. After passing out Lakeside School in 1973. Bill Gates took admission in a multi-popular Harvard College. Due to some reason, he could not complete his graduation. After it, he made a chip 8080 that is compatible with a personal computer. After development 8008 microprocessor, Bill Gates realizes that this is the best opportunity given by time to develop his own Company should start.

    Starting of Microsoft company

    Bill Gates and his friends were permitted to work in the Albuquerque office of MITS. He named was a pair of Micro-Soft and situated his first office in Albuquerque only. 26 Nov 1976, registered Microsoft’s name as a trading company. Bill gates and Allene opened a new office in Bellevue, Washington. Microsoft worked very hard and in the early years, moving toward the advancement.

    Suffering many difficulties Bill Gates make an agreement with Seattle Computer Products. After it integrated licensing agent and later became the full official of 86-DOS, and he provides for IBM $80,000 as Pc-DOS made available. Microsoft has the most popular in the  IT(information technology) industry in the world.

    Bill Gates recognized in a Chairman of Microsoft company in 1981. Microsoft company introduced the first version of  Microsoft Windows from 1975 to 2006. In that time was the great achievement of Microsoft company. After it is Microsoft has developed many version of Microsoft window. The new version of Microsoft window is “window 10” that last update October 2018.

    Yearly Income of Bill Gates

    Yearly income is Bill Gates almost $ 2642936285.78

    Personal life

    Bill Gates married with Melinda in 1994. Melinda lives in France. In January 1996, Jennifer Katharine Gates was born. After ti, the Bill Gates has two Children whose name is Rory, John.

    The important fact about  Bill Gates

    1. Bill Gates wrote a first computer program when he was thirteen years old children.
    2. During the study period, he had earned $4200 with the helped of a computer program.
    3. He declared his teacher that he became a millionaire by age of 30 but at the age of 31 became a billionaire.
    4. List of international businessman  Bill Gates became famous in the world.
    5. Bill Gates has published two books The Road Ahead and Business and @ The Speed of Thought
    6. In the whole world, the big software company is Microsoft which founder name is Bill Gate.

    Jack Ma (China)

    Jack Ma (China)
    Jack Ma (China)

    I understood that you know about China country. And you also know about the famous artist of China like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Martial Arts etc. But I am going to tell you a person which has spread his name of China in the field of technology in the world. Whose name is Jack Ma? Jack Ma is an international businessman also with the count in the list of the richest people in China. Jack Ma is top international business in the world.

    Starting a life of Jack Ma

    Jack Ma was born in Hanau village of Zhejiang province of China. His father and mother used to sing cultural singing tales. Jack Ma was a lover of English from childhood and he wants to learn  English. for it, he usually goes to the nearest hotel where he met from foreigner people. He communicated with Foreigner to improve his English speaking skill. Cause of regular practice, Jack Ma improved his English speaking skills in a few months. Because the mother language of China is“Chini”. The people of China country did not give an important of English language. Till a few time, Jack Ma was guiding of foreign people in the free.


    His early education was very difficult, he gave an examination of three-time to take admission for university but he failed. At last, he passed graduation examination in English in  1998. After complete graduation, he became a lecturer in English and business at Hannah University.

    Carrier of Jack Ma

    The international businessman Jack Ma early life of is very struggled full, he applied for jobs in 30 organization but he could not succeed. In 1994 Jack Ma listen to first time name of the internet and he saw the ship of America through the internet with help of his friends. during the internet surfing, Jack Ma searched a word which name was “beer”.

      Through beer word, you can know more information about different countries. but he could not find information about China. In this time Jack Ma realized that China is backward in the field of technology.  Then Jack Ma create a first website “ugly” with the help his friends.

    Jack Ma, friends and his wife collect money 20,000 and start IT(information technology) company. He provided the name of his company china yellow page. The main purpose of his company to create a website for other companies.

    An important achievement of Jack Ma

    • Jack Ma was elected as the top 10 international businessman leaders of China Central Television through the year, in 2014
    • Jack Ma was selected as the of all world Leader by the World Economic Forum and named in 25 most powerful international businessman people in Asia in Fortune Magazine, in 2005.
    • He was selected the Businessman of the Year on Business Week 2007.
    • He was elected for CEO destination in the list of 30 people.
    • Jack Ma was chosen by the Time Magazine as  Top 100 Most Honored Entrepreneurs in China by Forbes China for more years in the list of “100 Most Influential Persons in the World”, in 2009.
    • Jack Ma was chosen from Forbes Asia as one of the philosophers of Asia’s Heroes for Disaster Management, in 2010.
    • Hong Kong was awarded to jack ma for a doctorate by the University of Science and Technology, in 2013.
    • Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award provided to Jack ma, in 2015

    The yearly income of Jack Ma 

    The yearly income of Jack Ma  $34.6 B

    Mukesh Ambani


    He is the most popular international businessman in the world. On 19 April 1957, Mukesh  Ambani was born. Dhirubhai Ambani, His father’s name and mother’s name was Kokilaben Ambani. He had one younger brother and also two sisters. The whole Ambani family lived in a 2-bedroom apartment in Bhubaneshwar, Mumbai, until the year 1970. After it, Dhirubhai purchased a 14-story apartment in Colaba which people know name ” sea breeze”.

    Education of Mukesh Ambani

    His yearly studied at hill Grange high school in Peddar Road, Mumbai, along with his brother and colleague Anand Jain. And he qualified Bachelor of science degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of chemical technology Matunga. After it, Mukesh Ambani wants to do MBA from Stanford University but due to few reasons, he could not do it.

    The business carrier of Mukesh Ambani

    Mukesh Ambani is an international businessman and started his business career with Reliance Petroleum Chemicals in 1981. And Mukesh founded  Reliance Infocom Limited. The main purpose of Mukesh Ambani to increased the communication system in India. Mukesh Ambani was on growth stage and he made the world’s biggest petroleum refinery, Jamnagar, in India.

    Zaki has the capacity to fill 660000 barrels every day (33 million tonnes yearly), which was a highly industrialized industry in 2010 in terms of India’s universal prevalent petroleum field and electricity generation. Mukesh Ambani said on June 18, 2014, every year 1.8 trillion pages in 3 years waste in a different business. for it, he will launch  4G service in India in 2015.

    Personal life

    International businessman Mukesh Ambani married with Nita Ambani. He has two sons also with a daughter. Ananta and Akash name his son and daughter name is Isha. In present time lives in Mumbai in his home 27-story building, which cost is the US $1 billion and it is said to be the most expensive building in history.

    Achievement of Mukesh Ambani

    1. The founder of Reliance Petroleum Chemicals in 1981.
    2. Reliance sparked a price war in India’s hyper-competitive telecom market with the development of 4G phone service Jio, in 2016.
    3. In this time Jio has made 215 million customers by offering free 4g data and voice calls with virtually free smartphones.

    Income of Mukesh Ambani 

    • Yearly-$25261380.00
    • Monthly-$2105115.00
    • Weekly-$485795.77
    • daily-$97159.15

    Richard Branson

    Richard Branson

    Richard Branson is an international businessman was born in 1950 in  England. Academy education is very weak to the reason of delixya illness. Student says them weak mind. When Richard at the age of sixteen years Due to illness he gives up his education.


    The last qualification of  Richard Branson is high school. He was an international businessman that have a minimum qualification.

    Business Carrier

    Branson spread his entrepreneurial efforts yet again, in this time to include the Voyager Group travel company in 1980, The Virgin Atlantic airline in 1984 and a series of Virgin Megastores. Yet he was not a success. Virgin was regular struggling to stay financially afloat. In that year the company sold Thorn EMI for $1 billion.


    1. He was his fortune to a conglomerate of businesses bearing the “Virgin”, including Virgin Galactic and Virgin Atlantic.
    2. Branson started his business, mail-order record business almost 50 years ago.


    Annual income is $6,450,000 per/year

    Bernard Arnault

    Bernard Arnault

    Bernard Arnault is an international businessman was born Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault on 5 Mar 1949. His father was a civil engineer. And he worked for own civil engineering company,ferret-Savinel.


    He studies Maxence Van Der Meersch High School in Roubaix. After it, École Polytechnique and graduated with a degree in engineering in 1971.


    After complete graduation Bernard Arnault joined his father company. He made a plan to grow his company in 1976. And he invested a lot of money to make his business more attractive. Bernard Arnault got 40 million French francs from the liquidation of the construction sub-part which they invested in real estate business. He became the director of company development in 1974. Which provided the designation of CEO in 1977.

    Arnault was successfully managed to profit control over 43.3% of the shares of LVMH with 35% of the voting rights. Also with his name added in the list of an international businessman.


    He is an international business also with awarded the Corporate Citizenship from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, in 2011.

    Personal life

    Bernard Arnault has married two times. His second wife name was Helene Mercier is a pianist. He has two children from his first marriage, and he has three children of the second wife.


    The yearly income of- $69.2 B(Billion)/year


    In this article, I have explained the most popular international businessman in the world. Business is a growing field. The business provides a lot of ideas to earn money. It is the most important factor in the development of your country. And it improves economic your country. You can achieve popularity in the whole world through. Above articles give you more information about an international businessman. You can learn and follow this business style in your own life. you can make an international Businessman because nothing impossible everything is possible.

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