Management  tools (YNAB Pro vs. quicken)

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    9 Mar

    Management  tools (YNAB Pro vs. quicken)

    If you are looking for a comparison between YNAB pro vs Quicken that means you know something about the terms. We all know that both are useful and powerful financial management tools, every management have some advantages and disadvantages.

    Without comparing it is hard to select an individual choice in financial management. So this article helps you to select between YNAB and quicken. Basically, you need a budget pro for money history and their circulation, So we look for YNAB pro and quicken.

    Origin :

    Why we required YNAB pro and Quicken?

    YNAB Pro is an adviser which explain to you where your money is going to go (before investment). Quicken is like output who explain where your money went (after investment).

    YNAB Pro is designed to help you in making a budget and acting on it, primarily Quicken is used as a tracking tool.

    Difference between Quicken and YNAB pro

    1st point of view



    If you are looking for full-fledged personal finance package then Quicken is the best option. It contains a feature of reporting and different type of financial transactions tracking, make it good.

    But it’s the main weakness is budgeting and spending planner, due to programming some bugs problem, things are too hard in Quicken.

    You can’t enter certain things as a negative in order to make this type of budget work, like what YNAB uses easily do. Great investment can be done in Quicken due to there output of the nice report.

    YNAB Pro

    ynab pro
    YNAB Pro

    Due to extremely well budgets and planning YNAB pro is good to adopt. It won’t handle investments or transactions like that in Quicken. If focusing on budgeting software, no other comes close to the YNAB.

    Four rules of YNAB are valuable tools for anyone to use goals, methods to achieve those goals, and tips to help you change your way of thinking when it comes to budgeting. it also provides tutorials and forums to help with questions.

    It is also available for its operating system or mobile” YNAB iPad pro”. YNAB promo code 2018 is a gift provided by the company through which first two months free with investment.

    2nd point of view

    Does of YNAB pro, Doesn’t Quicken

    The support and help for the budget are well explained in YNAB pro,  It is a free platform to perform. Can’t think for things you can’t have, invest your money toward the things that matter most.

    Paying off debt, building emergency funds, and investing for their future done by YNAB users. It provides you a customer support team, which gives you advice, how can you use it.

    YNAB Pro provides 34- days trial but Quicken doesn’t.

    YNAB keeps things simple, but Quicken handles mortgage amortization, stock splits.

    Does of Quicken, Doesn’t YNAB pro

    Quicken does budgeting, but how to do a budget is explain on YNAB pro. It is an accounting application(available for iPhone also), through which budgeting can do. If you want to start with low finance, a tool like Quicken gives you an accurate representation of your accounts.

    Multi-currencies are not handled by YNAB, doesn’t handle stocks also because I have assets in USD and ARS.

    3rd point of view

    why should you look for the Budget pro of YNAB?

    YNAB pro designed for budgeting tool, to track all income and expenditure. After some time you get an idea where money is going or from where you can cut back on expenses.

    If you look back for your monthly expenses, on priorities level you set up your profile. It helps to achieve financial goals quickly. YNAB is a zero-based budgeting system.

    Quicken is running from a very long time in money management tools. It was a desktop-only software program for many years. The main reason to design it to track income, expenses, net worth, taxes, investments, business transactions, rental property information.

    Quicken vs. YNAB pro

    Quicken vs YANB Pro

        topicQuickenYNAB Pro
    1. CostNear about $7 per month$35 to $90 per year
    2. SupportVideo or tech supportNot easily available
    3. OperateEasy setup and navigationComplex setup and navigation

    The benefit of Quicken over YNAB Pro:

    • Track money investment base price and allocation.
    • In some condition, it gives a chance to manage the specific financial situation like low businesses and medical expenses.

    The benefit of YNAB Pro over Quicken:

    • Setting adjustment is easy.
    • Provide help to spend and manage your money.


    Now, after reading this article you now all the information on which you can select the best application. If you are looking for the final outcome, the selection is your’s and only yours. Both contain different benefits. If you start from low budget then Quicken is best, if you want to give every dollar a job then YNAB pro is the best option. You can also use both the platform.

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