What’s Blocking Your Drains and Ways to Unblock Them?

    17 Jun

    What’s Blocking Your Drains and Ways to Unblock Them?

    The majority of plumbing systems develop blocking of drains, there’s no way to avoid it, and it can happen more often than not. Every plumbing fixture and drain in the home can be blocked, whether it is the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, your bathtub, or the shower drain.

    If you frequently experience blocked drains or currently have a drain problem, and do not know what to do with them, be sure to read on. This article will discuss some of the reasons why your drains get blocked and things you can do to unblock them.

    Hair Build-Up

    Hair is one of the major culprits that cause blockage in drains, especially in the bath or shower room. This is because foreign substances, such as hair, do not readily break down and may cause build-up. If you or other family members experience hair fall, then the chances of hair build-up in drains are significantly increased.

    A simple solution for this is to use a clothes hanger. Straighten the clothes hanger and try hooking the hair build-up to remove it physically. However, if the hair build-up is far too deep in the drain, then it would be best to contact a plumbing service for professional help.

    Tree Roots

    If your residence is near trees or you have a tree in your backyard or front yard, then chances are it could be a possible cause of blocked drains. According to an article, tree roots can grow and expand close to the surface or more rooted in the land. The land around pipes can be attractive areas for tree roots that eventually lead to blockage.

    Blocked drains caused by tree roots can’t be repaired by individuals that have no technical knowledge about plumbing and piping. You would be better off by hiring a professional to do the job for you. Repairing drains yourself can further aggravate the problem and cost you more money in the long run.

    Damaged Pipes

    Pipes that have decreased integrity or have broken-down are one of the significant causes of drain blockage. This is because debris or sediments may have entered the pipes that causes a decrease in the efficiency of water flow, which eventually leads to blocked drains.

    The traditional method in repairing broken pipes is to dig them out and replace them with new ones. However, more modern methods of pipe repair, such as pipe relining, are far better options. In pipe relining, heavy digging is no longer needed because damaged pipes can be replaced with new ones or further reinforced.

    Foreign Substances

    In the kitchen, the most common culprit of a drain blockage is grease. This could come from leftover food that is disposed of in the kitchen sink or oil from kitchenware during dishwashing. In the bathroom, soap sediments can build-up inside the drain and clog the pipes.

    A simple solution for removing grease and soap inside drains is by pouring hot water into the drain and trying to melt the foreign substance. However, there may be times wherein too much grease or soap has clogged the drain that hot water can no longer melt them.

    Chemicals are the next option to remove these foreign substances. However, these chemicals may cause injuries if not handled properly or may trigger health disorders, such as asthma. If you prioritize safety, you would be better off by hiring a professional plumbing service to do the task for you.

    The reasons for clogged drains can differ from minor to significant causes, which could have simple to complex solutions. But if you want to save your precious time and ensure that the job is done right, then hiring a plumbing service is the best option.

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