6 Fine Offerings of Top Hotels in Abu Dhabi

    26 Mar

    6 Fine Offerings of Top Hotels in Abu Dhabi

    Over the years, Abu Dhabi has risen as an important travel destination for business and leisure. Tourism statistics show that in 2016 alone, around 4.5 million visitors came in through the UAE’s capital and stayed in the city’s hotels. This is the primary reason why Abu Dhabi’s hotel industry is continuously flourishing.

    However, it’s not only tourists who take advantage of the many accommodations in the city. Even local urbanites are known to book an Abu Dhabi hotel for staycations and other special events such as business meetings, conferences, weddings, and even family parties. With the premium amenities Abu Dhabi hotels are known for, why shouldn’t they take advantage of these?

    In addition to those provisions, the top hotels in the capital are also known for other exceptional qualities or offerings that never fail to appeal to both leisure lovers and travelers alike. Six of these offerings are discussed below.

    1. Impressive Architecture and Interior Design

    The best accommodations in the capital boast of exquisite architecture and interior design. They are the works of visionaries who have studied international lifestyles and cultures in order to effectively meet the discriminating aesthetics of guests from different countries.

    The exterior structures of many of the hotels in Abu Dhabi show off unique artistic components. And the lobbies? They are cozy despite their impressive classy furnishings. Likewise, there are relaxing decks where both stay-in and casual walk-in guests can unwind. As for the rooms, they are built for luxurious comfort and most of them offer a spectacular view of the city.

    2. First-Class Hospitality

    Excellent service complements the stunning structures. The most popular accommodations in Abu Dhabi always put considerable thought into demonstrating the best hospitality. Staff members are friendly, can speak different languages, and they are ready to assist guests in every possible way.

    Concierge services are often available, too. They are in charge of making arrangements for tours and other leisure experiences for guests. If guests want to try their hand at popular outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi, concierge services can look into those that can fit into the guests’ schedule.

    They will even go to great lengths to look for fantastic deals on experiences guests are interested in. At the same time, they accommodate all other special requests to ensure a truly satisfying stay.

    3. Elegant Dining

    Abu Dhabi hotels typically have their own restaurants and cafes that offer some of the best eats in the city. Guests can enjoy everything from intercontinental breakfasts to traditional local fare, fancy gourmet meals, and decadent desserts with refreshing beverages.

    That’s not all. The dining experience hotel restaurants offer is not complete without a sophisticated atmosphere. Dining rooms are always strategically located. Additionally, they are spacious and designed impeccably to create a lovely setting. Some even have terraces where guests can people-watch and observe the hustle and bustle of the progressive city.

    4. Global Atmosphere

    As mentioned earlier, the hotels are often designed with the international community in mind. With Abu Dhabi being hailed as a high-end tourist destination, the majority of the guests that check in are foreigners. As such, attention must be given to details that can make international guests feel at home right away.

    Western influences are abundant in different hotel services. For instance, there are watering holes for foreign guests to enjoy the night. Popular cocktails are served in a social yet safe setting. What’s more, the hotels host events based on international holidays. This way, foreign guests can indulge in nostalgia and feel quite at home.

    5. Cool and Comfortable Environment

    Abu Dhabi hotels offer a respite from the year-round heat of the desert city. No matter what time of the year you visit the UAE, you can trust that your accommodation in the capital is a physically comfortable place to be.

    There’s a reliable air conditioning system to keep the heat out. On top of this, most of these hotels (particularly the ones near the airport) have swimming pools where guests can tame the sweltering heat they feel from being in the desert.

    6. Relaxing Services

    Top-notch Abu Dhabi hotels are also known for providing guests with a suite of relaxation services such as spa treatments and grooming. Many of them have in-house spas, salons, and even healthy restaurants.

    Meanwhile, those that don’t provide these amenities include free relaxation services from partnering establishments in their hotel packages. It’s important to mention as well that many of the hotels cover the transportation from the hotel to such destinations and back, guaranteeing guests’ convenience.

    Truly, Abu Dhabi hotels are experts at helping visitors feel fully satisfied with their stay in the UAE capital. The attention to detail is so impeccable that just staying at the hotel can already create a perfect holiday and a fond memory for guests. It doesn’t matter if your Abu Dhabi hotel booking is only for one night or several days — you can be assured of receiving a level of hospitality designed to make you feel incomparably special.

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