Finding and Fixing the Cause of Water Damage in Your Homes

    Finding and Fixing the Cause of Water Damage in Your Homes
    13 Jul

    Finding and Fixing the Cause of Water Damage in Your Homes

    Sutherland Shire is an area of New South Wales, Australia located in the southern region of Sydney. Colloquially called “The Shire”, this local government unit is the main location of the TV series that features the lives of fifteen people who call Sutherland Shire their home.

    A home is a place of refuge for the family. A home can be a comfortable place to live in as long as it is warm and dry. However, when the home is wet and damp all the time, the comfort level diminishes as mould growth spreads to the different areas of the home. A wet and damp home will also have a lot of furniture being ruined due to water leaks from damaged pipes.

    Busted or leaking pipes will not only increase your utility bills, but it can also create water damage to your home. If you suspect that you have water damage in your home, you should immediately hire a company that offers plumbing in Sutherland shire to prevent the damage from getting worse.

    What Causes Water Damage in Homes?

    Several reasons can cause water damage in the home. Pipes or water supply lines may burst due to water expanding at temperatures below zero. Tubs and kitchen sinks may overflow, causing the excess water to seep through shelves, cabinets and floors. Washing machines and other appliances that use water may malfunction and produce leaks. The swimming pool might overflow, and excess water may seep through the cracks in the basement walls. The roof might have a hole which causes rainwater to leak through and cause water damage to the items stored in the attic. Rivers or nearby streams may overflow which will cause floodwaters to enter the home.

    Why Prevent Water Damage

    Whatever the reason, water damage should be prevented since it can cause a lot of minor to major structural damages to the home and health problems to the inhabitants. Structural damages might happen since water can be responsible for wood rotting, metal rusting, and the deformation of different wooden elements of the home. Water can also loosen the glue that binds floor tiles, carpets, or wallpapers. Also, if left unattended, water-soaked or damp items can be a medium for moulds to grow. Moulds produce irritants which can cause discomfort and sickness to the family living in any damp or home that has water damage.

    How to Prevent Water Damage

    Aside from holes in the roof or natural disasters, water damage in the home can be prevented by hiring professional plumbing in Sutherland Shire to check your existing water lines. One way that plumbers check if there is a water leak hidden in the house somewhere is by turning all faucets off for an hour and checking to see if the water meter reading will change. If the meter reading changes even with all faucets off, then there is a possible water leak in the home. If this is the case, trace the path of the water supply lines carefully inspecting the surrounding areas with evidence of water damage. 

    Plumbers will also check for discolouration of wallpapers, softening of the wall panels, or puddles of water on floors to know where the leak is located. Another way of finding the hidden leak is to smell the presence of mould growth. Moulds give off an odour that is characterized as musky or earthy. If that odour is detected, then there is an area which has a high moisture content that can be coming from the leak. Professional plumbers will also be able to repair any leaking or busted pipes that they encounter. 

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