Dennis Collins Car Collection Facts in Automotive Industry

    7 Jan

    Dennis Collins Car Collection Facts in Automotive Industry

    When people talk about Dennis Collins, it is almost always about cars so one can be considered a “gear head” or “gas monkey”. In the context of the car business, Dennis Collins is one of the greatest and most proficient gearheads in the entire world. As such, he possesses a portion of the rarest and most desired cars. Generally, this personalized accumulation of cars has been continually evolving. Among everything else, Mustang is Collin’s most precious car, and his collection consists of the Law Man Mustang, a 429-drive machine for which he had to exchange over $2 million.

    Collins states that he has rebuilt more than 200 vehicles during his automotive career. Fans know him because of Fast N’ Loud, a show facilitated by his dear friend, Richard Rawlings, who is the head of Gas Monkey Garage.

    Below are certain facts about Dennis Collins that are broadly known, which also happen to be realities.

    Breaking of The Cannonball Record

    Being a big car collector and enthusiast, he and his mate Richard Rawlings also broke the historic Cannonball time, which is the coast-to-coast nonstop race from New York to Los Angeles. They even possess a 1978 Jaguar XJS that David Heinz and David Yarborough drove in 1979 within a record of 32 hours and 51 minutes at that time.

    Won Best Restored Car at the Kuwait Concours

    The Kuwait Concours d’Elegance has awarded for the best-restored car. It was an achievement nonetheless; even Collins’ long-term buddy, Richard Rawlings, needed to give him a shout out. Not only did he win the car, but he also acquired prestigious honor acquiring the respect and adulation of many. Rawlings explains on Facebook stating, “What respect among these esteemed judges, and against a portion of the best cars on the earth.”

    Sold Six Mustangs for a World Record

    If you have to know how to function in car auctions, you should see Dennis Collins’s style and action. A few years back, as per Hooniverse, Collins set a world record for offering six of his eight Mustangs. One of them was his 1990 7-Up Special Edition car. The Mustangs sold at the notable auction Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, and at record-setting prices. “They are a portion of the best Fox Bodies on the planet and a portion of the rarest in the world,” says Collins.

    1982 Fox Body Mustang GT

    In 2018, Dennis Collins accumulated nineteen Fox-body Mustangs available to be purchased at Barrett-Jackson sale in Scottsdale. The chief model of this particular collection was a 1982 Fox Body Mustang GT. The GT had included TRX Alloy wheels, overlay down the back seat and the main radio. Marchal Fog lights were mounted on the front, a plant introduced decoration that Collins estimated to be over $2000. Maybe the most interesting component of the Mustang was the presence of every single unique sticker, including the merchant deliver sticker.

    Viral of Videos of His Fox Body Mustangs over social media

    Collins is something of a sensation over the internet. He generally chooses to make a few recordings at a time in order to show off the highly coveted Fox Body Mustangs. Significantly, he specified other Fox Body Mustangs out there, whose worth is actually more than the ones he has already claimed. Thus, it may be safe to state that Collins figured out more supporters at this point in time.


    However, one thing that can be stated about Dennis Collins is the fact that he has a great passion for automobiles, which serves both as a business as well as a hobby. Where many people are wont to tinker with cars in their extra time as a side interest, here is a unique expression that holds true: If you do what you love, you will never work multi-day in your life. Also, he happens to be a bona fide celebrity ratified by his appearances on the TV show. People know him best for his appearances on Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud show.

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