Top 10 Cars From Travis Barker’s Collections Of Cadillac

    7 Jan

    Top 10 Cars From Travis Barker’s Collections Of Cadillac

    The famous Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker, has not kept his mania of collecting classic cars nor his maddening love for the Cadillac a secret. The world-famous musician and drummer are so madly in love with the brand are that he had tattooed its logo on his neck. We have prepared a list of 10 cars from Barker’s Cadillac Collection; here we go:

    1956 Cadillac Series 62

    The Cadillac Series 62 was manufactured in a variety of body types including 2 door convertible, 2- door coupe, 4-door sedan, and a chassis. Barker is a proud owner of this rarest model which reshaped the level of luxury in the world of cars with its 8-cylinder engine. It was a successor of the 1956 Cadillac De Ville and successfully took the features and luxury to a new level.

    1966 Cadillac coupe De Ville

    Cadillac is not really known for coupes since they mainly produce large sedans endowed with luxury for long road trips, but the 1966 Cadillac Coupe Deville is one of a kind in Barker’s collection. This car holds a bright position in Barker’s Caddy Collection which is worth drooling over.

    1967 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

    1967 was the year that saw the last production of caddy cars sporting a 340 horsepower V-8 engine. This car is surely a standout in Travis Barker’s collection.

    1976 Cadillac Eldorado

    An extraordinary car that Barker has in his collection is a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. If one looks for an Eldorado, then the 77 version should be the top pick. This smart ragtop convertible is made from sheet metal which could make almost sixteen cars.  Featuring a 500 V-6 engine, this car is an American classic beauty of which Barker is so proud.

    2002 Cadillac Eldorado

    Travis had added this car to his caddy collection at the time of his band, Blink 182’s high peaked status. This car is also known for being the last one of a legendary generation.  This car runs on a 4.6-liter V-8 engine powered with 275 horsepower.

    2000 Cadillac STS

    With a base engine of V-8, the 2002 Cadillac STS runs with 300 horsepower. This caddy was manufactured to be sporty, bold and durable. The edition that is owned by Barker is an all-black painted beauty that gives it a certified look of a star!

    2004 Cadillac Escalade EXT

    The Escalade EXT was designed by General Motors. It is a transformation from an SUV to a truck. The model which is in possession of Travis Barker’s collection is custom painted just like his other cars, and the aftermarket rims turn this SUV into something of a star for sure!

    The car runs on a 345 horsepower V-8 engine is a pure treat for a road trip.

    The Famous Stars & Straps Cadillac

    On 22nd September  2018, Travis Barker posted a photo of his custom-made Famous Stars & Straps Cadillac with the caption, “My 65′ FAMOUS STARS AND STRAPS Cadillac by Hillview Customs, LLC is almost finished.” Barker custom-made this car to promote his clothing line, which is now really popular. The Stars & Straps is undoubtedly a stellar addition for this caddy maniac.

    2007 Cadillac Escalade

    Recently, Travis has exposed his caddy collection for his fans to see in the DUB Magazine. This model was also showcased in his reality show Meet the Barkers which was on air for a while. The DUB version comprises of a GM-bred icon of “ghetto fabulosity”.

    Flat-green Escalade

    The Flat-green Escalade is Barker’s most beautiful model. His model has an appearance of plastic dip-style paint job. The massive all-black rims lend a hand in the car’s unique look. This model is also custom-painted with an army green color and is boastfully presented for the world to see by Barker. Now, this surely makes us jealous of this musician’s collection.

    Apart from Cadillacs, Barker also owns other brands like a 2012 Sierra Denali truck, 2013 Prevost Bus, a ’51 Chevy truck, Bentley Flying Spur, ’63 Impala, and ’64 Riviera. This is one hell of a car collection that Travis Barker owns and we don’t really get it whether we should be happy or jealous.

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