Eye Exercise: Tips to Improve Your Vision and Eyesight

    Eye Exercise for Improve Vision and Eyesight
    25 Sep

    Eye Exercise: Tips to Improve Your Vision and Eyesight

    Vision problem is common in today’s time. The reason can be anything, improper food, pollution, too much use of mobile phones, etc.. It’s not much difficult to take care of the eyes. Take your proper diet and add some regular eye exercises in your routine.

    Eye exercises can improve vision, as it relaxes muscles and gives relief in damage occurs due to excessive light and pollution. Here we have 8 exercises to improve vision. Add this exercise in your daily routine and see the results.

    8 Best Eye Exercises to Improve Vision & Eyesight

    Eye exercises are one of the easy ways to take care of your eye. It needs you on efforts and focus. Take out 20 minutes every day for the exercise discussed below in the article. It will definitely help you to improve vision.

    1. Eye Palming

    Eye Palming

    It is a technique to relief your eye with the help of your hand’s heat. Let see how to do that, Firstly rub your both hands fastly until it gets warmed. After that close your eye and place your hand on both eyes. Your eyes feel very relax when you do that. Do this step three to four-time. This is a powerful technique for your eyes. I advise you to do it after walk-up in the morning.

    2. Blinking

    blinking eyes

    Sit on the floor in Cross legs position and straighten your backbone. Firstly, close your eyes and take deep breaths three to four times. Open your eyes slowly, after taking a breath start blinking your eyes with normal force. Rember not blink your eyes so slightly. Blink your eye ten to twenty times. After that, close your eye and relax your eyes for 30 seconds. Repeat this step three to four times.

    3. Changing Focus

    Eye Palming

    Another effective exercise for the eyes is Changing Focus. Take a pencil or pen and hold it in front of your eyes. Focus on this when you see it clearly then come it to more closely. If it looks blurrry then stop your hand and focus on it. After some time it looks clear. Then again comes it to more closely and try to focus. Start it in the beginning and repeat it more than five times.

    4. Moving Eyes

    Moving Your Eyes

    Try to look at your right side-ear and after some time move your eyeballs in the opposite direction slightly and try to look your left side ear. Repete this process three to five times. With the help of this process, your eye muscles get active and blood circulation will increase in your tiny eye muscles and they get more healthy.

    5. Make Figure 8 With You Eye

    Making Figure eight

    Sit relax with cross legs and try to make figure eight with your eye. Firstly try to make eight clockwise seven to ten times, after that anticlockwise seven to ten times. You can also do it with your close eyes. But initially try with open eyes and you can also draw eight-figure on the wall.

    6. 20-20-20 Rule

    20-20-20 Rule

    Eye strain is a common problem for those people who’s work on the computer all day. Human eyes are not made to look at same distance objects for a long time. This 20-20-20 rule help to prevent eye strain. In this 20-20-20 rule, you need to look at the 20 feets away object for 20 seconds, after every 20 minutes.

    7. Near and Far FocusNear and far Focus

    Another effective way to improve your eyesight. Take any object and hold it one foot away from your eyes and focus on it for 10 seconds. After that focus on another object which is located 20 foot away from you for 10 seconds. Repeat these steps three to five times.

    8. Massage Your EyesMassage Your Eyes

    Massaging around eyes is also helps to improve your vision. Gently massage your eyebrow areas and under your eye areas with the help of your fingertips in a circular motion clockwise as well anticlockwise. This will gives relax to your eye and also improve blood circulation around your eyes.

    Some Tips for Your Eye Health

    There are some tips to make your eyes healthy, excluding eye exercise.

    • Use UV sunglasses to protect your eye for ultraviolet rays.
    • Smoking is bad for your body as well as your eyes. So remove smoking from your habit.
    • Eat healthy foods, including antioxidants and vegan foods in your healthy diet plan.
    • Go for an eye checkup, once in a year.
    • Use eye drops when you feel irritation in your eyes.
    • Avoiding sugar, sugar is harmful to your body, including your eyes.


    The eye is the most important organ in your body. Through this, you see the beauty of the whole world. So it necessary to take care of that. Do at least 3 to 5 exercises daily early in the morning on the given list.

    Eye exercise is not a complete solution for your eye vision, you need to be also consulted to an Optometry doctor. They detect and prevent your eyes before the start of noticeable symptoms begin.

    Have you exercised your eyes before? Let us know in the comments below.

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