Pregnancy first month (Physical changes And Care)

    Pregnancy care during first month
    2 May

    Pregnancy first month (Physical changes And Care)

    Pregnancy first month is the happiest moment for every girl, pregnant girl gets responsibilities of her baby too.  Baby health is directly related to maternal health. Balanced food and regular exercise increase the blood flow in the baby’s body part.

    Being a mother for the first time is an experience of such joy that can not be expressed in words. You must be alert when you miss the menstrual cycle and if the result of the test is positive, then consult a doctor. Just as a woman gets information that she is pregnant, there is no limit to her happiness. However,  pregnancy comes with a variety of physical changes and problems. If all necessary preparations are started from the first month of pregnancy, then all difficulties related to pregnancy can be greatly reduced.

    Especially women who become mothers for the first time lack information. Many times they do not have the right information until they are pregnant. Whether your a baby planed or not. A mother can only understand that being pregnant and irrigating the baby lying in her womb with her blood, how sensitive life is in pregnancy. Being a mother is not an easy task. The second birth of a woman occurs in the form of a mother because from pregnancy to baby birth, the mother has to face many kinds of pain and discomfort.

    A woman feels different every day, and what to do in this challenging journey, many things happen, and the chances of getting in touch with apprehensions increase manifold when you first get pregnant. Precautions should be taken during pregnancy so that there is no negative effect on the child or your health, and this journey of motherhood remains happy and memorable for you. after a conceiving, a girl feels to be a complete woman. She becomes aware of the health of her future child.

    Knowing it or unknowingly, many of the rules have to be followed during the pregnancy. Also, advised taking precautions during pregnancy also give us elderly people. Many of which may seem difficult for you, but in the name of the baby you are ready to do all that. For example, you ignore your taste and avoid eating something out of the child’s health, change your lifestyle, etc.

    The First month of pregnancy:-Symptoms, physical changes

    Symptoms, physical changes during pregnancy first month
    Symptoms, physical changes during pregnancy first month

    In the early months of motherhood, there are many types of changes within the body of the pregnant girl. Due to not having accurate information regarding these changes, pregnant women usually become prey to panic or stress. However, if pregnant women see symptoms given within the first month of motherhood, then they should not panic at all:-

    • The Sudden suspension of menstruation:- This is considered a sign of the beginning of pregnancy. Indeed, as soon as a woman is pregnant, her body starts to become progesterone hormone. This hormone stops menstruation.
    • Bleeding and cramps:- When the egg is transferred within the womb, the pregnant woman will have hemorrhoid and the body may feel cramped. These symptoms can be seen in the pregnant woman’s body after one week of pregnancy.
    • Breast tightening:- In the first month of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s breasts get stiffened, she has to face many problems associated with it, such as the woman’s breasts are slightly pains and during pregnancy, women may have some swelling in the breasts. The color of the nipple can be thicker.
    • Fatigue:- The pregnant woman can feel tired without doing anything in the first month of pregnancy. During this time she may have trouble sleeping or she gets more sleep, So if you are tired of doing some work in the first month of pregnancy, don’t worry.
    • Morning sickness:-  For the pregnant woman to have morning sickness in the first month of pregnancy is a common symptom, due to which she may have a problem of gizzing, vomiting and dizziness.
    • Mood swing:- In the first month of pregnancy, there is a lot of fluctuation in the behavior of the pregnant woman. This fluctuation occurs due to hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman. During this, the mood of the pregnant woman is constantly changing, as it may irritate anything or it may come crying unnecessarily.
    • Food interest and change in choice:- In the first month of pregnancy, a pregnant woman can see changes in diet and preferences related to eating food. She can start eating something that she did not like before. During this pregnancy, a woman can be hungry again and again.
    • Headache:-  In the early days of pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the body, the pregnant woman may have a headache.
    • Pain in the lower abdomen:- During the first month of pregnancy, the embryo is implanted in the womb. Because of this, a pregnant woman may complain of pain in the lower abdomen.
    • Aching Back:-  Pregnant women may have back pain problems in the first month of pregnancy. This is the starting symptom of pregnancy, so this pain should not intimidate.
    • More hunger:- In the first month of pregnancy, the appetite of a pregnant woman increases suddenly. She starts eating too much food and she is hungry again and again.

    Body changes in the first month of pregnancy

    In the first month of most pregnancy, changes in the body of a pregnant woman can be seen in the following:-

    • A pregnant woman may find her body more bloated and she can feel part of her back a bit tight.
    • Due to the increment of progesterone and estrogen hormone levels in the body, the pregnant woman’s nipple is more black and big.
    • The pregnant woman may have more secretion than the vagina.
    • Growing estrogen levels in the body and increase in mammary glands can increase the size of the pregnant woman’s breast.
    • Spontaneous pregnancy can be spotted after one week or ten days of ovulation. This is due to fetal implants in the womb.

    What and how to eat in the first month of pregnancy?

    pregnancy care and balance diet during first month
    pregnancy care and balanced diet during the first month
    • At the beginning of pregnancy, the pregnant woman should consume foods rich in folate, such as broccoli and orange, etc.
    • Fiber-containing fruits should be consumed at the beginning of pregnancy. During this pregnancy, at least three types of fruits should be eaten during the day.
    • Products made from milk or only milk intake are considered very beneficial in the first month of pregnancy.
    • If pregnant is non-vegetarian, then he should continue to eat meat. In addition to low-fat seafood, it is advisable to eat properly cooked meat.
    • Pregnant should include iron-rich foods such as spinach and beetroot in their diet at the beginning of pregnancy.
    • When the pregnancy begins, the pregnant body needs additional carbohydrate. For this, they should include sugary things in their diet.
    • As soon as pregnant, pregnant women should start eating foods rich in Vitamin B6, like banana, whole grains, and dry fruits.

    Do not eat in the first month of pregnancy?

    • Seafood:- The pregnant should only have low-fat seafood. If there are excess levels of mercury in the diet, the fetus can be damaged.
    • Packet Items:- Pregnant should not consume packaged foods at the beginning of pregnancy. Also, things that are made in the microwave, such as cake, biscuits, etc should also be avoided.
    • Raw Papaya and Pineapple:- In the early days of pregnancy should avoid eating raw papaya and pineapple. These fruits can be eaten after delivery.
    • Junk food and alcohol:- Junk food, alcohol, and tobacco should not be consumed during pregnancy. Apart from this, pregnant women should reduce the consumption of caffeine such as tea, coffee, and chocolate.
    • Raw meat and raw eggs:- In raw meat and raw eggs, bacteria called salmonella and listeria are found. These bacteria can have a bad effect on the embryo. Therefore, a pregnant woman should not consume raw meat or eggs.

    Important Precautions during pregnancy

    Here we discuss what to do and what to do during pregnancy. that’s are important for your pregnancy and your health. So let’s know what to do or not to do during pregnancy.

    • Coitus in the first trimester:- Nowhere  You will have to be alert once you miss the menstrual cycle and if the result of the test is positive, then consult a doctor. It is advisable not to intercourse for the first 3-4 months of conceiving the baby. In fact, the chance of getting mischarged at this time is very high, so as long as the embryo is safe in the uterus, caution should be exercised during the initial pregnancy. In the second trimester, the position of sex should also be taken care of.
    • Do not use of stairs:- Minimize the use of stairs. If you do not live on the ground floor and you have to go down in compulsion, then try to work out all your work at once. It would be advisable to create a work-list for this. Get off the stairs, hold the guardrail.
    • Do not lift heavy weight, such as a bucket full of water, heavy box etc.
    • Avoid Stand Too long:-Do not stand too long If you have to be standing in the kitchen for a long time, then keep a chair there. As long as standing up for long, pain in the feet and swelling may be a problem.
    • In Pregnancy Wear Simple Footwear:- Do not wear heeled sandals or slippers. Always wear flat slippers, if you move to the workplace then use flat sandals solely.
    • Do Not Eat External Food:- Do not take external food, especially junk foods, such as pizza, burger, etc. Do not eat in hotels, weddings and so on. This purity cannot be guaranteed and you may have the infection. Do not eat fried and spicy, they can cause gas, acidity, irritation.
    • If possible, stay away from travel:-Travel at least during pregnancy Avoid two wheels, three wheelers. If you are forced to go to the office by public transport in compulsion, then just catch the bus in odd-timings when the crowd is at least.
    • Avoid stress:- Do not see tense or scary serials or movies during pregnancy. Do not do anything that will cause you to face extreme stress.
    • Use less of mobile phones:- In some studies, it has been found that during pregnancy, mobile phones can be harmful to the child with excessive use.
    • Take care of bathing time:- Do not stand in the bathroom and do not bath, and confirm that there is no danger of sliding due to the accumulation of mildness.
    • Please Avoid smoking:- Do not smoke smoking during pregnancy, and do not allow anybody else to smoke. Passive smoking can also threaten the child.
    • Avoid caffeine consumption:- Avoid caffeine intake. So avoid Coffee, Soda, Green and Black Tea, Cold Drinks. Chocolate also contains caffeine but in small amounts, it can occasionally take chocolate.
    • Do Exercise:– Do some light exercise every day. Pregnant should practice certain yoga exercises with the help of Yoga Guru and Doctor from the beginning of pregnancy.
    • Drink Lots Of Water:- Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day. Always think positively and try to be happy.
    • Take the advice of the doctor from time to time:- Take the advice of the doctor and start consuming essential vitamins and supplements. Make the necessary changes in your eating habits and consult your doctor and make your diet chart.
    • Take Health Insurance:- If possible, get such health insurance, which provides the necessary diagnosis, treatment, and safe delivery during pregnancy.


    In the end, we advise you that you are aware of yourself and your child’s health as it is easier to conceive but you have to be always prepared for the full development of a child born in the womb.

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