What is Alexa? | How does Alexa work? | Amazon Alexa Competitors

    13 Feb

    What is Alexa? | How does Alexa work? | Amazon Alexa Competitors

    Do you know, what is Alexa? Today, Various type of smart home technology has been developed to human help and Alexa is one of them. Alexa is a digital software of Amazon company and It is the best software for voice recognizable with smart home technology. Alexa helps to communicate with smart technology between human. It is a smart auxiliary that listens to human request and gives response according to your request. Alexa was the first time initiated with the Amazon Echo smart speaker and is the name of Amazon’s smart assistant. It helps out from checking the weather to ordering pizza. Due to its popularity, It is famous globally.

    1Developed ByAmazon.com
    2Operating systemFire OS 5.0, iOS 8.0 Android 4.4, later
    3Release dateNovember 2014
    4Available in English Language, French language, MORE
    5Plate form Amazon Echo, FireTV, Kindle Fire HD, iOS, Android,

    How does Alexa works?

    Alexa works
    Alexa works

    Alexa is develop based on real language processing,  It is a mechanism of converting speech into sounds, words, and ideas. I am going to explain the working procedure of Alexa which you can follow step by step.

    1. Alexa first listens to your speech and record it. Because interpreting sounds takes up a lot of computational power, therefore the recording of your speech is sent to Amazon’s servers to decompose more proficiently.
    2. Amazon database servers search pronunciation of that word in his database nearly correspond to the combination of individual sounds.
    3. Amazon’s servers give the response the information back to your device, If you required to search anything through Alexa, you can repeat the above procedure. It is a fast request, response to technology that is famous at this time.

    Features of Alexa

    Features of Alexa
    Features of Alexa

    There are many features of Alexa you can read out in brief.

    1. Control Your Smart Home
    2. Local News/Traffic Updates
    3. Weather Forecast
    4. Email Control
    5. Movie/Movie Theater Info
    6. Sports Updates
    7. Order and Track Amazon Purchases
    8. To-Do and Shopping Lists
    9. Multiple Timers and Alarms
    10. Echo Skills in Alexa App

    Alexa supported devices

    Alexa supported devices
    Alexa supported devices

    There are many Alexa supportable devices that help to solve any queries, you can read.

    Sr. NoAlexa supportable devicesPrice($)
    1Amazon Tap$129.00
    2Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet$80.00
    3Echo Buttons$14.99
    4Huawei Mate 9$580.00
    5Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat$219.99
    6Samsung SmartThings Hub$87.99
    7Sonos One Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker$199.00
    8Invoxia Triby$118.99
    9Garmin Speak Dash Cam$67.99
    10Philips Hue Go$79.94

    Advantages of Alexa

    There are many advantages of Alexa that make human work easier.

    1. It helps to voice shopping
    2. you can track your packages
    3. Display your favorite photos

    It helps to voice shopping

    If you are a prime member, Alexa may helpful for your shopping also Alexa can provide flexibility in the choice of more eligible product from tens of millions. Alexa provides facility to order a special item, such as dog food etc. But in case, If you do not want purchased dog food, then Alexa may be a suggestion to purchase another product. If you change your mind suddenly, Alexa can cancel an order for you. Alexa is the greatest helpful software for online shopping.

    You can track your packages

    If you want to check your order through Alexa, just you can ask, ” where is my product?” After it, Alexa will check your order delivery process and give complete information about your product.

    Display your favorite photos

    Your first membership provides free, unlimited storage of photos through Prime Photos. If you have the Echo Show or Fire TV then you can say Alexa to display pictures from your winter vacation or some other event. Alexa provides a remote control with smart technology devices.

    Amazon Alexa competitors

    Amazon Alexa competitors
    Amazon Alexa competitors

    Google home is the best brands of smart speakers manufactured by Google. The first time Google home launched in May 2016 and published in the United state in November 2019, and globally launched in 2017. It is similar to Amazon Echo devices, Google home voice helper device that works on your voice command. Amazon Alexa echo is a competitor of Google home. Following differences between Google Home mini and Amazon Alexa Echo dot.

    ClassificationGoogle HomeAmazon Echo Dot
    ColorChalk, Charcoal, coralBlack, white
    Voice supportGoogle AssistantAmazon Alexa
    ControlsTouch controls & Mic mute switchVolume, action & mute buttons
    Speaker360 degree sound, 1.57’’(40 mm) driver0.6’’ (15.2 mm) driver
    PortsMicro USB(Power)Micro USB (POWER), 3.5 mm audio


    I have described complete information about Amazon Alexa software. It is trending software that is very popular at this time. It provides easy accessibility with smart home technology devices. The number of user Alexa software are increasing day by day. In the future, most devices will support Alexa software through which human can work easily. 

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