Apps Like Game Pigeon

    Apps Like Game Pigeon
    12 Oct

    Apps Like Game Pigeon

    Messaging and gaming are the most famous methods among people around the world to spend their free time. Due to this reason, Apple Inc. has launched the iMessage service to its users in 2011. iMessage is an instant messaging application that runs only on the operating systems that are offered by Apple Inc. such as iOS, macOS, iPadOS, etc. Besides instant messaging, iMessage also offers different games that you can play with your friends and family while having a conversation. Game Pigeon is one of the famous applications that support iMessage games. It contains 28 different 2-player games that you can play with your friends while having a conversation. Such as 8 ball pool, basketball, mini-golf, etc. Many of the famous games in Game Pigeon are available in in-app purchases. That’s why we are here to provide you with some Apps like Game Pigeon. 

    List of 10 Best Apps Like Game Pigeon

    • Checkmate!
    • Wordie
    • Boggle with Friends: Word Game
    • Letter Fridge
    • Simple Trivia
    • Pictoword
    • Bubble Bop
    • Bubble Witch 3 Saga
    • Cobi Hoops
    • 8 Ball Pool

    Checkmate! – Best Apps Like Game Pigeon

    Have you already heard Checkmate sound?  Yeah, you are right, Checkmate is a chess game that you can play with your friend on iMessage while having a conversation. 

    To start this game on iMessage, first, initiate a conversation with one of your contact on iMessage. Then select the app and tap on the new match. 


    If you like trivia category games, then Wordie would be the best game for you. Wordie is a fun word guessing game. It doesn’t have very difficult words and if you know what’s trending around the world then you can easily defeat your friends. You can also create challenges in this game and share them with your friends or other people.

    Boggle with Friends

    Boggle with Friends is another word game you can play with your friends on iMessage. In this game, you can challenge your friends or opponent to spell words as much as they can in the time period of 2 minutes. It also offers lots of modes and exciting challenges. 

    Letter Fridge

    If you also make words and stick them on your home fridge then you definitely like this game. Letter Fridge has the same concept as this. At each level of this game, you will provide several magnets and start making words. When you finished making your word then your friend has to defeat your score. 

    Simple Trivia

    Simple Trivia is one of the best alternatives to Game Pigeon. In this, you and your friends can check your knowledge on various topics. This game has different categories to choose questions. Such as pop culture, science, or history. You can answer these questions turn wise and in the end, you’ll find who is most known among your friends.


    Pictoword is another famous game for iMessage. In this game, you’ll provide a word and you have to draw 2 different pictures so that other players can guess the word. It is a simple and exciting game and can be played among all age groups.

    Bubble Bop

    Bubble Pop is a fast and very fun arcade game. This is one of the best applications like Game Pigeon that you can play within iMessage.

    It cannot be displayed on the device home screen at startup. In this game, you can match the colors to the balloons before they fill the screen.

    Bubble Witch 3 Saga

    Bubble Witch 3 Saga is iMessage’s magic bubble shooter puzzle game. This is an application that allows you to pop with three bubbles.

    Your goal is to get a higher score so that your opponent can’t beat him. Interesting games make it impossible not to belong to the best applications like GamePigeon. 

    Kobi hoop

    Cobi Hoops is one of the best basketball games on iMessage. This is a game where you can win as many baskets as you can in 30 seconds.

    Once you’ve achieved your score, you can challenge your friends, play with them, and beat others to have a good time.

    8 ball pool

    8 Ball Pool is an exciting application for playing games with iMessage. You can also use this game to play in the pool with your friends or take part in eight tournaments to win trophies. GamePigeon has an 8-ball pool game, but this game is a must.

    Unlike other games, this app has features that allow users to improve their skills through practice areas. Once started, you can participate in one-on-one matches and earn rewards for each win.

    Android Apps Like Game Pigeon

    Plato – Best Apps Like Game Pigeon

    Plato is a social game app with over 30 multiplayer games including popular casual games such as pool, domino, backgammon, battleship, basketball, lude, minesweeper, reversi, and spade. The app promises more multiplayer or “group games” in the next update.

    This app connects with another real player via a matchmaking system. This allows two players to play the perfect game in real-time. You can make new friends while playing in the public chat room. Thanks to real-time notifications from the app, you can play and chat with them and never miss a message. 

    Plato focuses on privacy. You don’t need to enter a phone number or email address to use this app for social games. 

    HAGO – Best Apps Like Game Pigeon

    The app has over 80 fun multiplayer games such as Archery, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and more.

    The game has its own voice chat feature that allows you to host a voice party, chat with new players and make new friends. You can also create your own channels, invite friends from other social networking sites, and even play games.

    POKO – Best Apps Like Game Pigeon

    Another social game app, POKO, allows you to meet new friends around the world, send texts, chat and play casual games.

    If you play with other users, you can chat in their voice, and who knows, do you think someone is funny? And if you don’t want to talk to strangers, you can invite your friends from other social media apps like Facebook to play a variety of two-player games like Slam Dunk, Card Lift, Marine Mining, Bingo, UNO, and more. Masu-Favorite. Play the game and Good Pass (soccer) together.


    The versatility and functionality of iMessage allow you to enjoy as many multiplayer games as you can while chatting with your friends. You can play GamePigeon or host some competition in chat. If you prefer a GamePigeon alternative, you can choose from games such as Pictoword, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, and Checkmate.

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