Best Xbox One Games For Girls

    Best Xbox One Games For Girls
    12 Oct

    Best Xbox One Games For Girls

    As you know today’s era the game has become very important in our life. One such game is an Xbox game. Xbox one is the line of video game consoles. Microsoft developed it in May 2013. This game came up with its first release in North America. It then came up with different releases in  Europe, Australia, and South America in November 2013. So here we will discuss the Best Xbox One Games for Girls.

    One of the most popular video games, is Grand Theft Auto V.  Most girls play this game. It is an Action-Adventure Game, developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto V is also known as Grand theft  Auto 5.

    (GTA 5). Rockstar began to develop Grand Theft Auto V in 2008.

    It is a game beyond the other games. That will make them feel like movie stars. GTA V is one of the biggest open-world games and naturally, you would expect a bit of inclusion of Strong Female Characters especially if you are a girl. Yes, there are female gamers very less compared to males but existent.

    Platforms: Microsoft Window PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation4, Playstation 3.

    Features of GTA : Best Xbox One Games For Girls

    Most of the important features in GTA V.

    • Huge Selection of planes: For this is not of course the first time when GTA is letting players fly a plane, but in this version players will find a considerably big collection of planes in multiplayer settings including the military places.
    • Multiplayer with crazy fun in GTA V: Details shared for multiplayer in GTA 5. Rockstar teases GTA V multiplayer in a few seconds of the gameplay footage. Based on this trailer GTA V full players, flying and all around.
    • Better Driving experience: The driving in GTA V is new, exciting and improved. It looks like the driving experience should be more enjoyable. Rockstar claims things are better now giving spectacular diving experience.
    • Bunting hunting in GTA V: In GTA V you can get some extra cash playing bounty hunter. Trevor caching in a bounty at a trailer home in the middle of a desert. Promising fun diversion from the main heists.

    How do I check the GTA V version?

    First of all, check out our GTA V version.

    Let see step by step:

    Go to GTA V folder> Right-click on GTA V.exe>properties>Details>Product Version. 

    Now you can check the GTA V version.

    Playing GTA V as a Girl: Best Xbox One Games For Girls

    Objectification in GTA V 

    Women in GTA are reduced to sex objects, not humans and this probably where is my blood boils. Those who play GTA V know there is a feature where you can pick 

    up walking girls, in your car, if you slow down in front of the girl

    The Female character in GTA V.

    Even the wife, Amanda De Santa, of the main protagonist, Michael De Santa, in GTA 5 was a striper. Not only that but it was also implied that his daughter, Tracey, was doing pornographic shows when nobody was in the house.


    All said and done, I do believe that GTA V and the other GTAs are very entertaining, and I don’t believe that all men playing and loving it are anti-feminist. But it would have been better if it did not feature women as the quintessential “damsel in distress” or money laundering sex objects.


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