Change Password On Facebook Messenger?

    Facebook Messenger
    12 Jan

    Change Password On Facebook Messenger?

    Facebook Messenger is a free messaging app that makes it easy for us to connect with our loved ones with just one click. This app is used for sharing photos, videos, audio recording, group video chat, and messaging with your friends. One can also express himself by adding stickers, GIFs, and emojis to the messages. Even you can also choose a fun theme and color to make your chat more personal and interesting just like Hike and Whatsapp. 

    It also supports account customization options and you can also change passwords for security. If in case you need to change the password, Facebook Messenger can allow you to change the password anytime and anywhere just by following certain steps. Therefore to make your password strong you need to add some upper case and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols while changing the password to protect yourself from security threats.

    How to Change Facebook Messenger Password on Android & iOS?

    Following are the basic steps to change your Facebook password or make it strong on an Android Device or iOS:-

    Step1:- To change the password, open the Messenger app on your Android or iOS device.

    Step2:- Then touch the profile icon or click on it that is present on the top-left corner of the home screen.

    Step3:- Then scroll down the screen to select the Account Settings option and click on it. The Account settings are present in the Account & Support section.

    Step4:- Then go to the Security column and select Security and Login on your device. This option will take you to the browser version of the Facebook app. You need to enter your username and password according to the instructions.

    Step5:- Then select the change password option on the login section and click on it.

    Step6:- Then a page will open in which you have to enter your current password & new password on the respective fields and then click on the Save Changes button and your password is changed.

    Step7:- After that, it is your choice to log out on other devices.

    Therefore these are the seven basic steps to change your password of messenger and add a strong password for avoiding security threats and hacking because a weak password is a strong reason for hacking in most cases. Therefore the Facebook instructs you to add a password with a minimum of eight characters that have some numbers, letters, and upper and lower case letters.

    How to Change Facebook Messenger Password on PC?

    Following are the basic steps to change the Facebook messenger password on your Personal Computer:-

    1. Click on this link or copy it on your PC browser.
    2. Then click on the drop-down menu located at the top right corner of the profile page.
    3. select the Security & privacy option and go to the Settings from the list.
    4. click on the Security and Login option.
    5. Then in the Login section go to Change Password. enter the current password and the new password.
    6. Then click on the Save changes button.


    The above article tells you how to change the password of Messanger on your Android, iOS device, and even on your PC by following the above steps.

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