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    Facebook Touch
    10 Dec

    Facebook Touch

    Facebook touch: Facebook is a social media platform that helps people to connect via. Messages, posts, stories, tags, and many more. This is one of the most famous social media sites and almost everyone has a Facebook account nowadays. The CEO of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg and the founder of Facebook are Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Mark Zuckerberg, and more.

    An analysis report says that most people use Facebook to get in touch with their friends and family and to know about daily updates and news. Facebook is very easy to use and even people over the age of 50 use Facebook very easily.

    What is Facebook Touch?

    Facebook Touch is a mobile version that is used for different appearances on Facebook. The maximum population uses Facebook with their mobile phones. It is the Mobile version to redirect facebook easily and fastly. This is also known as M touch Facebook.

    M touch Facebook has a different appearance and design. When you use Facebook on your Mobile phones you will be redirected by Facebook for faster loading.

    Difference between Facebook and M Facebook:-

    Pros of M Facebook:- 

    The advantages of M facebook are as follows:-

    • M Facebook is faster than web apps.
    • It contains access to all the system resources.
    • It can also work offline as well as online.
    • They are safe and approved by the play store 
    • It is easy to build due to the availability of developer tools and SDKs.

    Cons of M Facebook:-

    The disadvantages of M facebook are as follows:-

    • They cost a bit higher than the normal web apps.
    • Compatibility can be given to all the different devices like iOS and Android.
    • They are very expensive to maintain.
    • They need a regular update from the older version to the newer version.
    • It is difficult to approve an app from the play store.

    Pros of Web Facebook.

    The advantages of Web Facebook are as follows:-

    • Don’t need to be downloaded from any website or play store.
    • They are very easy to maintain because they have a common code.
    • They don’t need any updates because they are updated themselves.
    • The cost of making web pages is a little lesser as compared to mobile apps.
    • They don’t require any approval from the play store.

    Cons of Web Facebook

    The disadvantages of Web Facebook are as follows:-

    • didn’t work offline.
    • It is slower as compared to mobile apps.
    • It has fewer features as compared to mobile apps.
    • The quality is not always guaranteed because they are not approved by the play store.
    • They are not used without an internet connection.

    The Web Facebook and M touch facebook both provide the same data but the satisfaction of using M touch Facebook is a bit more than the Web Facebook. So if you want a safer and secure way to use Facebook You should go with M touch Facebook and you can use it even without the internet. Recently the CEO of Facebook(Mark Zuckerberg) Introduced Meta which brings apps and technologies together under the brand of a new company.

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