Factory Reset of a Vizio Smart TV

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    30 Dec

    Factory Reset of a Vizio Smart TV

    Vivo Smart TV is used to control your Smart TV with your Android devices. With Vizio, er can watch Movies, Tv shows, Music, Live Streams, and many more that are present in various apps but at the same place. You can use your mobile phone as the Tv remote to operate it.

    You can select your favorite place and make a folder of it. You can enjoy your favorite Tv serials, Web series, Music for free. It also shows you the ratings of the shows with their crew, cast and promos. You can watch unlimited entertainment without any Set Off Box. You just need to install the app on the Mobile Device or PC and enjoy it for free.

    Some issues are responsible for the error code. While getting an error code you have to search the error code on the application website and fix the error. When you detect the error you are all set to use your device. Vizio Smart TV when there is a glitch in the software. This glitch also creates the problem that creates Vizio Smart TV didn’t work. The bugs are also created due to some wrong settings of the network that needs to be corrected. Therefore by correcting these settings your Vizio Smart TV works properly.

    Vizio Smart TV on an Android Device:-

    The basic and simple steps to use Vizio Smart TV on an Android Phone are as follows:-

    • The Android device and TV are using the same WIFI. 
    • Then Google Home App is to be opened on the Android Device.
    • Click on the TV series, Music and other entertainment you want to watch on your screen.
    • Then click on the Cast my Screen.

    Factory Reset of Vizio Smart TV:-

    To factory reset a Vizio Smart TV you need to perform a factory reset of the TV. This factory reset will erase the bugs and problems and your Vizio TV will work properly after that. To remember the settings of the TV we suggest you, take some pictures of settings to reset the settings in the future. Following are the steps you will have to follow while doing the factory reset of your Tv:-

    1. There is a menu button on the Vizio Smart TV remote to reset the device.
    2. Select the Reset and Admin option on the screen and click on it.
    3. Then select the Reset to Factory option on the settings.
    4. Select the Reset option and your device is ready for the factory reset. 
    5. The Vizio Smart Tv factory reset is complete.

    The above-mentioned steps are used to factory reset the device to solve the bugs and remove them. If you are still getting an issue you have to connect with the customer care of the Vizio TV Smartcast.


    The Vizio Smart TV gives you unlimited entertainment to enjoy on the TV screen. The above article helps you to factory reset the Vizio TV by using Android Device or Pc if you are suffering from any problem.

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