Fake Apple Watch vs Real Apple Watch

    Fake apple watch vs real
    25 Mar

    Fake Apple Watch vs Real Apple Watch

    Fake Apple Watch vs Real Apple Watch: Fake Apple watches are manufactured by many different- different convincing copies and those copies are as cheap and reliable. In many cases, Fake Apple watches are usually produced before release. After the official release you do not pick any Face Apple Watch And this Watch works in a very proper way. This real watch performance is so great but the face Apple Watch is not very good and they perform like an important watch. At this time many fake Apple watches are available in the market for sale and Fake Apple watches are becoming bought by more people but it works differently for Real Apple Watch. 

    The last thing any customer buy Fake Apple watch, then the Watch does not work properly in comparison with Real Apple Watch. So if you like the Apple watch then there are many Types to find Real Apple Watch and many guides available for you. 

    Sample of Apple watches:

    • Most popular Apple Watch series 7 (GPS)  
    • Top second Nike Apple Watch(GPS)
    •  series 7 (GPS+Cellular)
    • Nike Watch(GPS+Cellular) in Apple
    • Hermes Watch (GPS+Cellular) in Apple
    • Apple Titanium Watch in Apple
    • Apple series 6 (GPS)

    Most guide for you about Real Apple Watch:

    There is a step-by-step guide available for you to find Real Apple Watch and not get any fake Apple Watch.

    How can you find this Apple Watch is Fake:

    If you follow this instruction then you easily know that this Apple Watch is Fake Apple watch 3, Fake Apple Watch 4, or Fake Apple Watch5 or this Apple Watch is real.

    What to look n Fake Apple Watch vs Real Apple Watch

    Lets you have an Apple Watch in your hand, then you Simply look and find Examining this Apple watch then what things you notice like physical safe and working properly then you feel that easily this watch is fake or Real after Read these Steps:

    1. Safe: 

    Definitely Fake or Real Apple watch Size is something Different, According to apple official notification Apple Watch Dimension is

    • Real Apple Watch Smaller 38mm Model is 38.6×33.3×10.5mm
    • 42mm Model in Apple Watch is 42.0×35.9×10.5mm

    Real and fake Apple Safe is technically most different. In any case, if you choose or buy an Apple watch then you find Weight also to find the reality in Apple watch.

    Weight in real Apple Watch :

    • Real Apple watch Real weight in Stainless Steel 38mm model is 56g
    • Model 42mm Real Apple Watch Weight in Stainless steel is 125g

    2. Control Check:

    If you find a Real Apple Watch then you notice one thing: your Watch control Button is Present on the top right side of your watch. In the fake Apple watch Every Control Button is located in a different place in the Watch and the microphone and speaker are located on the other side in comparison to the Real Apple watch. 

    3. Watch Back Area:

    All Real Apple watches are printed with the heart rate sensor and space and that is the rear in Apple Watch 4 but this sign is not printed in any fake Apple watch which is the plus point in choosing the real Apple watch. 

    Real apple watch round sensor in a shape of the Diamond pattern and this diamond pattern located in the left and right sign dark in color, if the sensor is white. If you notice that point then you realize this watch is fake.

    4. Packaging Defect:

    Real Apple watches are always Packing wheel format according to Fake Product because Fake watches Always Pack in irregularities and this effect is different in Real packing. In case you pick any unofficial color of packing box then you look many times Fake products like Fake Apple Watch. If you connect your Apple watch to the charger and it is not working then, you all possible this Apple watch is fake. 

    5. Interface Default:

    The Real Apple watch always sounds like the built and working Apple Native software like mobile phone, calendar, setting, photos, and many more applications in the real Apple Watch. If you miss any Application in the watch then you pick a Fake Apple watch. Real Apple watches power her Application and features fake apple watch not provide this app in watch.

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