Free Cut And Paste Apps for Android & iOS

    Free Cut And Paste Apps
    29 Dec

    Free Cut And Paste Apps for Android & iOS

    Most of us like to click pictures in daily life and now it is very common for many of us and when smartphones came with good cameras everyone is addicted to clicking pictures and many of them like to make their pictures more attractive so they want to use apps. If we talk about earlier when we call photographers to capture the moment then it takes a lot of time and a very heavy software as well but now it is not so, today I will tell you free cut and paste apps which will help you in this and there are many apps which you can find on the internet and use them and make your picture more attractive and professional. 


    Cupace is a very interesting and good app for photo editing. The main feature is that if you have a group picture and you won’t remove any face so you can easily remove that simply have to zoom the picture and select the face which you want to remove then there is a magnifying glass, with the help of that just make a line around the face and then remove that and add a new face.


    • Easy to use
    • User interface is good
    • You can do all the editing within 10 minutes if your finger is very steady in that.


    • Sometimes it is very difficult to cut the object
    • There are too many ads running.

    Auto Cut Out

    If we are talking about free cut and paste apps for android/ ios then auto cut out is the best app for this and we should also include that in our list.

    Now, what is new in that app which makes it different from others right so what if i tell you you don’t need to draw any line to any photo if you want to remove it or remove the face and it removes background as well so what you need it sounds good right.

    This will help you to remove your desired photo and can easily remove any part from the picture and then you have some finishing issue but that’s alright you can fix that by zooming and manually removing unwanted parts.


    • Stickers can be added
    • Rating is very good on google play store.
    • Quality graphic and good location are available


    • It is very messy and have too much fuzziness
    • It runs too many ads

    On the internet, you will find many apps which are good for cutting and pasting for android and ios and they are free of cost. So I have told you about the two best apps and there are many apps which you will find but they are easy to use and you can easily learn all the editing things very quickly nowadays it is a little bit difficult to find apps which is really effective and are not tricky so you can have a look on these two apps and can choose any app which is suitable for you and as per your requirement also. Hope this article is helpful for you.

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