Game Pigeon Not Working

    Game pigeon not working
    19 Nov

    Game Pigeon Not Working

    Game Pigeon Not Working: iPhone and iPad customers are reporting that they’re all at once unable to ship or receive sports invites. When opening a recreation invite, the display simply hangs indefinitely, and retrying the operation simply triggers the identical behavior.

    After investigating this precise trouble thoroughly, it turns out that there are numerous special underlying reasons that may motivate this trouble with Game Pigeon. Here’s a shortlist of manageable culprits that would possibly be accountable for this iOS issue:

    Common iOS glitch

     As it turns out, you can count on to ride this trouble quickly due to statistics mismanagement. This is demonstrated to show up on each iPhone and iPads and can be constant rapidly with an easy restart.

    Outdated iOS model

    Keep in mind that the group in the back of Game Pigeon carefully follows the modern iOS updates and is compelled to comply with the present-day protection requirements. Several instances in the previous the place this difficulty has come about the restoration used to be as easy as putting in the ultra-modern iOS pending firmware update

    iMessage inconsistency

     Another reason why you can assume to face this Game Pigeon problem is an inconsistency with iMessage which the recreation is closely reliant on. In this case, you have to be in a position to restore the trouble by way of briefly disabling and re-activating iMessage.

    Restart iOS device

    Oftentimes, all it takes is an easy restart. iOs customers going through this trouble on their iPhones and iPads have proven that in their case the hassle with Game Pigeon has stopped going on after they did an easy restart.

    The reality that this easy restore is nice for many customers suggests that the trouble can additionally be brought about via a frequent OS glitch facilitated by means of cached transient archives – By rebooting your iOS device, you will clear any transient records that your cellphone or pill is presently maintaining.

    Depending on which system you’re using, observe one of the publications beneath to restart your iOS device:

    • Restart your iPhone X, 11, or 12 – Press and keep the quantity button or the aspect button till the strength of the slider appears. Next, drag the slider and wait 30 seconds earlier than turning it back on by way of urgency and keeping the facet button.
    • Restart iPhone SE (2nd generation), 8, 7, or 6 – Press and maintain the facet button till the strength of the slider appears. Next, drag the slider and wait 30 seconds earlier than turning it lower back on by using the identical aspect button.
    • Restart iPhone SE (1st Generation), 5 or until now -Press and preserve the pinnacle button till you see the strength of the slider appearing. Next, drag the slider and wait for 30 seconds till it’s powered down earlier than turning it again on.
    • Restart an iPad besides a Home button – Press and keep the extent up or extent down button at the pinnacle of the display screen till you see the strength slider. Next, drag the slider and wait for 30 seconds earlier than turning the machine lower back on the use of the identical extent keys.
    • Restart an iPad with a Home button – Press and maintain on the pinnacle button till you see the energy off slider appearing. Next, drag the slider and wait for 30 seconds or greater earlier than turning your machine lower back on with the identical pinnacle button.

    If an easy restart didn’t repair the Game Pigeon trouble on your iOS device, pass it down to the subsequent viable restoration below.

    Update your iOS machine to the cutting-edge version    

    As it turns out, one of the most frequent cases that will cause this problem with Game Pigeon is an out-of-date iOS version.

    In the past, there have been quite a few special occasions where a lot of customers mentioned this unique issue – Every time, this occurred when Apple launched a new iOS model for the iPhone or the iPad.

    Note: Keep in mind that when a new replacement is released, it takes a while till each iPhone or iPad customer gets hold of the update. So even if a new model is available, it may take a whilst till you’re caused to update.

    If you have a pending iOS model that is ready to get established however you stored suspending it, doing the setup ought to be ample to enable you to repair the Game Pigeon functionally.

    PRO TIP: If the problem is with your laptop or a laptop/notebook you ought to strive the usage of Restoro Repair which can scan the repositories and change corrupt and lacking files. This works in most cases, the place the problem originated due to machine corruption. You can download Restoro by way of Clicking Here

    In case you’re searching for step-by-step guidelines on updating your iOS machine to the contemporary model available, observe the directions below:

    1. From the principal menu of your iOS device, faucet on Settings from the domestic screen.
    2. Once you’re inside the Settings screen, faucet on General from the listing of accessible options.
    3. Interior the General tab, go beforehand and faucet on Software Update from the list of handy alternatives
    4. Inside the Software Update tab, see if a new replacement is available. If the replacement immediately appears, observe the on-screen prompts to install the cutting-edge iOS construct and restart your gadget when brought on to do so.
    5. Finally, as soon as the trendy iOS model is installed, open Game Pigeon as soon as once more and see if the trouble is now fixed.

    In case the hassle is nevertheless no longer fixed, go down to the subsequent practicable restore below.

    Disable and Reactivate iMessage

    If none of the strategies above have been advantageous in your case, you ought to additionally begin troubleshooting in opposition to achievable trouble facilitated via the Imessage functionality. As it turns out, there are a lot of consumer reviews confirming that they managed to restore the Game Pigeon trouble after quickly disabling the iMessage performance on their iPhone or iPad with a SIM card earlier than turning it in again up.

    This is established to get to the bottom of the glitch that reasons troubles with sending and receiving Game Pigeon invitations.

    If you haven’t tried this yet, observe the guidelines beneath to quickly disable iMessage earlier than activating it again:

    1. From the domestic menu of your iOS device, get right of entry to the Settings icon.
    2. Once you’re inside the Settings menu, faucet on Messages from the listing of on hand options.
    3. Next, interior the Messages window, swap the iMessage toggle to Off and wait for 30 seconds or so earlier than turning it back on.
    I downloaded the app but can’t play games

    If you have downloaded Game Pigeon and you can’t get admission to or play games, certainly comply with these steps. Open any message thread on iMessage and at the backside left, faucet the four dots. Once you do this, you have to see the game. Select your sport of desire and an invite will be dispatched to your friend. If you can’t play due to issues with the invite, refer to the above area with options to invite errors.

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