GPS Apps For iPhone Without Internet

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    3 Jan

    GPS Apps For iPhone Without Internet

    Google maps is one of the most famous used to instruct us with directions anytime. These apps are inbuilt in most Android phones and iPhones. These apps are running with the help of a data connection or Wi-Fi connection. But there are certain apps that do not need the data connection GPS apps for iPhones are used to find your location without having a Wi-Fi connection or data connection. These iPhone apps will take the maps offline that gives fast access to the maps anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t allow data roaming charges when traveling abroad. These GPS apps used GPS services of any kind without the internet.

    Following are the best apps that help you to use GPS services without internet:-

    1. Google Maps
    2. MAPS.ME
    3. HERE WeGo
    4. GPSmyCity
    5. Apple Maps

    1. Google Maps:-

    The best GPS apps for iPhone is Google Maps. Google is the leader/head of all the apps because it provides the best navigation services for iPhone offline. Google maps are famous for their street views, traffic situation and shortcut roads to reach the destination. You just need to tap on the Menu button, then choose Offline areas and select the area you would like to save offline. By doing these steps, you are able to access those directions offline as well without having an internet connection.

    2. MAPS.ME:-

    MAPS.ME is one of the most famous offline GPS navigation apps that is used for free geographic data that is provided by the Open Street Map. This  Open Street Map is free and up-to-date. It is downloaded by over 50 million users and translated into so many languages. This app provides turn-by-turn navigation, bookmarks, points of interest, location sharing, and social network integration. The latest version has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

    3. HERE WeGo:-

    All GPS apps can take you from point A to point B but the difference is how these apps provide services. Some apps are difficult to use while others are designed to get you to your destination with ease. HERE WeGo falls into this category because the developers focused primarily on city navigation, creating a modern GPS navigation app with turn-by-turn guidance, public transport information, and accurate offline maps. 

    4. GPSmyCity:-

    To explore the city by walking and feel the charm and discover the secrets of the city. The GPSmyCity app gives you access to thousands of travel articles that are written by travel writers and locals. In this app, everything is working offline therefore there is no need for stable internet or Wi-Fi connection.

    5. Apple Maps:-

    The apple maps app is usually used for iPhones and is one of the best GPS apps that provide offline services without WiFi or Internet. You can easily reach the places by using this app in offline mode. It is also a highly rated app for Offline GPS tracking.


    The above article tells you about the offline GPS apps that didn’t need any Internet connection to provide you with GPS services. 

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