How Does YuppTV Work

    20 Jan

    How Does YuppTV Work

    Yupptv is an online streaming platform. Last few years online streaming platforms have grown very rapidly.  Now everyone is switching to online platforms like Amazon prime, Netflix, Jio Tv, etc and Now YuppTv is also in this list so in this article we will know what YuppTv is. How does YuppTv work?

    In YuppTv you can watch different types of tv shows, movies, web series, sports, news, etc on your device. It is an online streaming platform and you will get the 14 days of free trial as well. 

    You just need the internet connection on your device to watch anything on YuppTv. It is available in 15 languages like English, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Tamil, and many more are available in the language section.

    What YuppTv Is?

    YuppTv is an online video streaming platform where you can watch movies, Indian Tv shows, web series, etc. it provides video content and people can watch it and enjoy YuppTv. It is available in 15 languages like English, Hindi, Tamil and many more, So anyone can use it without having a language problem. 

    For YuppTV work you don’t need a specific device to watch, you just need a good internet connection of at least 3 MBPS and you sotted you can watch any live Tv, movies news, etc. And enjoy YuppTv. YuppTv can access devices like Smart Tv, Android, Blu rays, Pc.

    How Does YuppTv Work?

    Many of us wants to know how YuppTv and other online streaming works so it is a very simple question and here is the answer whenever we are watching any online streaming platform then we have to take a subscription and from that money a some percent money they give to the media cast that is the reason they do not have to face any copyright issue and rest money they take like YuppTv, Netflix, and many more online streaming platforms.

    YuppTv Package And Plan

    Firstly, there is a 14 days free trial to use that trial you need to create a account with your email address then login to yuppTv and are eligible for 14 days and can watch movies, New, web series and check the quality of video and audio and then decide you want to take any plan or not.

    Now they come with 3 basic plans

    Monthly Plan 

    It starts with ₹49 only. In this you will get 160 channels and all the channels like News, TVshows, Movies are included in this plan.

    Half Yearly Plan

    Half yearly plan is currently unavailable.

    Yearly plan

    Yearly plan is currently unavailable. You can go for a monthly plan only.

    How can you watch YuppTv on your Tv

    If you are the type of person who loves to watch movies, Indian shows, etc and want to enjoy all this on your Tv via YuppTv then follow the steps(You can not use YuppTv without a subscription on your Tv).

    • Open your Tv
    • Now go to the app store and search for YuppTv.
    • After downloading the YuppTv click to open it. 
    • After opening it you will see the “Menu” option click on it and then tap on “Live TV”.
    • Now select the subscription you have taken
    • Now tap “OK”
    • After tapping the “OK” you will see the 5 digit code.
    • Now copy that code.
    • Then go to the computer browser and open the YuppTv website now paste the code there.
    • After paste the code tap “Activate”
    • After all this you Tv will show the “MY LIVE TV”. 
    • If it is not showing then reboot your device once.

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