How to install and set up IPTV On Roku?

    set up IPTV On Roku
    11 Oct

    How to install and set up IPTV On Roku?

    Isn’t it boring and outdated these days to carry on with the old means of cable technology which is not only expensive but a time consuming process to avail the technical services out of that.Favorably,if you have ROKU with you then you don’t have to worry about setting up cable services. All you need is to set up IPTV on ROKU which will help you in availing all the television services at your home place.

    This blog will make your doubts clear about IPTV and how to install and set up IPTV on Roku.

    Before we know about installing process let’s discuss about:


    Roku are basically hardware digital media players specially designed for accessing media content from a variety of online services that are being offered.


    IPTV stands for I-INTERNET P-PROTOCOL TV-TELEVISION. It provides users to access TV programs, videos and any sort of media content of their interest. All that is required is internet and IPTV setup on ROKU.

    NOTE THAT:People today are not after buying smart TV’s.They usually go after ROKU TV’s because of its amazing qualities,reliability and usage


    A ROKU TV is considered to be more useful in comparison to a SMART TV because it allows users to stream their favorite shows and have live access to the media content at a reasonable price.

    The only problem that hits at the user end is they find it difficult in installing and setting up IPTV on ROKU.

    Not to worry.Let us discuss now how to set up IPTV on Roku through different means depending upon the users interest:

    1.Download IPTV on Roku using developer settings and computer system:Following are the steps to remote press the buttons :

    • Click the home button thrice followed by the up button two times.
    • Right click once on the right button.
    • Left click once on the left button.
    • Then click on  the right button.
    • Click the left button.
    • Lastly click on the right button.
    • The ‘Developer Options’ box is going to be displayed.
    • For later usage kindly note down the provided IP URL.
    • At the bottom right corner , you will find developer options screen click on the ‘enable installer and restart’
    • Scroll and click on ‘I AGREE’ option for the Developer Tools License Agreement.
    • Enter password and restart your device.

    • Restart with the developer’s settings screen again

    If you see the ‘Disable installer and restart’ option that shows your developer settings are enabled.

    • On your computer system go to and sign in to your account.
    • Select add channels with code and type iptv starters and press on add channel.
    • OK and agree to add a channel.
    • Install the IPTV smarters file on your computer system for uploading.
    • Go back to the IP URL and sign in with your username and password setted earlier.
    • Select the downloaded IPTV smarters file and click on install
    •  After successful installation go to the Roku device you will find the application installed where you just need to login and start streaming.

    2.Download IPTV on Roku using M3U playlist player:

    For faster usage and compatibility one can install roku device using M3U playlist using following steps:

    • To install IPTV on your Roku device connect it to the TV.
    • Go to the Roku Channel store and search for an M3U playlist player and install it.
    •  Open the M3U playlist player and go to the channels.
    • New playlist options will be displayed click on them.
    • Enter the M3U URL and playlist name which you have received from the IPTV  service provider.
    • Restart your Roku device and open the IPTV app.
    • Select the playlist name added earlier and you’ll be able to access all the IPTV channels.

    TO SUM UP:

    When you are going to fully install IPTV on Roku you are going to avail all the services like live streaming , accessing all sorts of media content and so on. Roku is the most popular and reliable streaming device because of its advanced qualities.

    In addition to it IPTV offers high quality video access and to stream over live channels using internet facilities.

    Hope that you have successfully installed IPTV on Roku and started enjoying live streaming.

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