How To Lock Google Chrome Profile With Password

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    22 Feb

    How To Lock Google Chrome Profile With Password

    Gradually, Google Chrome has held on to the trend in order that you’ll be able to produce multiple profiles still. However, not like the Firefox browser, all Chrome profiles square measure forever visible to any or all users. That said, all those that will access your laptop will read your bookmarks or history. With the Mozilla Firefox browser, you’ll be able to hide those profiles showing wisdom by not enabling the Profile Manager publically. Instead, if you wish to open, press Windows + R, type: firefox.exe -p, and hit the Enter key.

    Well! you will not grasp that you simply will change a watchword for Google Chrome profiles. This watchword is going to be your Google account watchword. To change this kind of watchword, you’ll need to add a replacement user to your Chrome browser as a supervised user. The Lock feature in Google Chrome was launched in 2013, however, simply a couple of months later it disappeared quietly.

    The profile lock feature wasn’t removed. whereas per the new changes created in Chrome’s code, the lock would solely appear where you add a replacement supervised profile. Here we tend to square measure attending to tell you ways to lock your user profile on Google Chrome. To do so, you’ve got to initial change a replacement Profile Management. you simply ought to copy the subsequent code and paste it on the address bar of your Chrome browser then hit Enter.


    In the next step, choose the “Enabled” possibility from the drop-down list, then click on the “Relaunch Now” button.

    Once your Google Chrome browser has reopened, move to Settings and click on the “Add person…” button from the individual’s section.

    In the next step, select the name of the new person.

    Besides, you furthermore might check the “Control and look at the websites this person visits from [email protected]” box. 

    Then, click on the “Add” button.

    Your Chrome browser can show a message to inform you that a replacement user has been added and it’s currently a supervised user. you’ll be able to visit to manage the settings of this supervised user. 

    Don’t worry about it. That’s simply a notice. merely click on the “OK, got it” button to exit.

    You will see a brand new supervised account that you just have recently created within the individual’s list.

    Now, you’ll be able to lock any Google Chrome profile you would like. merely click on the profile name and select the “Exit and child lock” choice. By that, you’ll shut and lock your Chrome profile. Note that this can be the sole thanks to lock a selected Chrome profile. If you shut your Chrome browser while not clicking, it won’t be fastened. 

    The next time you open your Google Chrome, it’ll raise you the watchword to unlock the profile you have got fast before. However, you’ll be able to open all alternative unbarred profiles as was common, without having to produce the watchword.


    To lock your profile, you want to exit Chrome by exploiting the “Exit and child lock” choice on the profile whipper menu. Exiting Chrome usually can leave your profile unbolted. The Google Chrome profile panel mechanically displays along with your account designated and prepared to just accept your countersign

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