How To Get A Student Discount For Spotify?

    14 Jan

    How To Get A Student Discount For Spotify?

    Firstly, what spotify is used for is a music app where you can find all the trending songs in different languages like hindi, english, tamil, punjabi, etc. It offers a large number and collections of songs which you can play online. If you want to listen to a wide range of songs ad free then you have to take a paid subscription for this. If you are a student then it is good news for you because spotify gives a 50 percent discount for students so now the question is how you will get a student discount for spotify. Let’s talk about this.

    Who is eligible to student spotify discount

    As the name describes who is eligible or not if you are a student then you are able to get the discount but wait there is some condition like you are at least 18 year old and you are a student of US Title IV accredited college or enrolled with any university. 

    You can take the discount but if you are in school and already have a premium subscription then you are also eligible for the student discount when you are in college then you can easily apply for the discount and in the next subscription the discount will be reflected to you.

    How to get spotify student discount

    Step 1: Go to the and tap on get started.

    Step 2: Now login to your spotify account if you haven’t created yet so firstly create your spotify account.

    Step 3: Click on Manually verify.

    Step 4: Now enter your information and tap on the Next Step.

    Step 5: After clicking on the next step now choose the file.

    Step 6: Now you have to choose the document like your college id card, enrollment letter, registration receipt, class schedule, or any other document which shows you a student of the last three months. 

    Step 7: After selecting the document now click on “Upload Document”. 

    Step 8: Now you are eligible for the student discount and you will get the discount if in case there is any problem occurring then you can contact the spotify customer service they will help you in that case.


    In my opinion it is very good for those students who are very addicted for the music and they really like to listen songs and whenever they fill low they are full of energy after listing the song and as we all know as a student we don’t have as much money to spend so they will also not affect their pocket as much because they get the student discount on spotify. And the student can enjoy the latest songs and can go with the trend as well. Hope you like the article and it will help you to get the benefits of student discount on spotify. 

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