Turn on Vizio TV Without Remote

    20 Oct

     Turn on Vizio TV Without Remote

    Everyone these days has a smart TV. Smart remotes are included with smart TVs. Most of the time, however, we misplace our remote or it stops working at an inconvenient moment when we are unable to get a new remote for our television. If you’re having trouble with your Vizio TV, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll show you how to turn it on or do anything else without using the remote. After analyzing several forums, we realized that many people have no idea how to Turn on Vizio TV Without Remote control. It’s strange that Vivo has an official app for controlling your TV via your smartphone (Android and iOS), and many of you are aware of this.

    Vizio tv is among the top high-definition tv on the market, providing users efficient and attractive options. Because of its ultimate features such as 4K qualities with HDR and UHD capacity, Vizio smart tv has become more popular in smart tv activity. Every digital and electrical device has become considerably smarter in recent years, and can now be controlled without the use of a physical remote. Many smart tv makers are now providing a wireless smartphone application that allows users to control their televisions from a distance without using a physical remote. So, here are a few ways to control your Vizio tv without using a real remote. In this article, we’ll show you how to operate your Vizio smart TV without using a remote.

    How To Turn On The Vizio Tv With Vizio Physical Buttons?

    If the power On & Off button on your Vizio TV remote isn’t working, there are physical buttons on every Vizio Smart TV. Just find out where those buttons are [the location may vary depending on the model]. It’ll usually be on the backside of the tv, at the bottom right or left corner.

     You may also view more controls for your Vizio television, such as volume, channels, and other regulators. So, if you want to adjust the volume, change stations, or do anything else, you may do so without having to use your television remote.

    If using the physical buttons on your TV is difficult for you, you can link your TV to their mobile application. Please read the following sections to learn how to link your Vizio TV to their mobile app.


    It will be easy to power on your Vizio TV if you start your PlayStation 4 console first. The steps are as follows:

    Step 1: Use the HDMI port on your Vizio Smart TV to connect it to your PS4. Switch on your PS4.

    Step 2: Select your options. Then, on the Settings screen, select System.

    Step 3: Select Enable HDMI Device Link from the drop-down menu.

    Step 4: Switch on the PS4 after you’ve enabled Settings, and your Vizio Smart TV will turn on immediately.

    It will then switch to the proper input. Furthermore, picking that input from the list will switch on the PS4 automatically.

    How To Turn On The Vizio Tv With their Application?

    You must connect your mobile phone application with Vizio TV if you lost your Vizio TV remote before connecting your android or IOS application. your Vizio TV. After that, all of your work will be done on your phone.

    In this case, all you have to do is turn on the wifi and turn on the physical buttons on 

    If you don’t know how to connect your Vizio TV to the Vizio app, follow the steps below.

    • Use the provided button to download the application.
    • Open the app on your mobile phone.
    • Turn your TV’s WIFI on (With help of TV buttons)
    • Create an account or use the guest login option.
    • Choose your deception (Vizio TV)
    • When you click on the Vizio television, a four-digit code appears on the screen.
    • Put the code into your phone.

    Vizio TV’s application is now available for usage.

    After that, you can use an Android or iPhone mobile application to turn on/off or control your tv. It will also allow you a wide variety of control over your Vizio TV. As a result, the android or iOS application can be used for anything.

    You can use this application to adjust the volume, change channels, open settings, and perform a variety of other tasks.

    What Do you get From the Vizio mobile phone application?

    Almost every button on the physical Vizio remote is represented in this application.

    There are unique buttons in the app to turn on Amazon Prime Video and Youtube. In addition, four buttons in the middle of the screen allow you to control the volume and channels.

    In addition, there’s the OK button. These buttons are not only for changing channels; they can also be used to move or select items in the menu section.

    The back and Guide buttons are also visible above the four-color buttons. Below there, you’ll find more volume and channel controls. Finally, you get the numbers necessary to proceed quickly to the channels or to fill the numbers in any option.

    Using the Nintendo Switch

    If your remote goes missing or you can’t find it, don’t panic; you may use the Nintendo Switch as a substitute in the meantime.

    Step 1: Use the dock to connect your Nintendo Switch to your Vizio Smart TV.

    Step 2: From the home screen, select System Settings from the drop-down menu.

    Step 3: Select TV Settings from the left column. To switch on Match TV Power State, scroll down the list on the right and select it.

    Step 4: The input will now turn off if you put Nintendo Switch to sleep. The Vizio TV will automatically switch to the right input channel when you turn on the console.

    Final Words 

    People usually prefer high technology to a more conservative choice. For control purposes, almost every brand has its own app. Smart TVs are now more popular than traditional televisions. These ways will help users who are unable to operate their television without the aid of remote control. This smart program will definitely help in turning on the tv, and it can also be used to handle a wide range of tasks. I hope you find the information shared to be helpful. Some of the solutions shown here are also important to consider because they provide a very convenient way to control your tv. Choose the option that works your needs and enjoy your favorite shows on your Vizio TV.

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