How To Delete/Uninstall Game Pigeon On iPhone / iPad

    Game Pigeon On iPhone
    10 Dec

    How To Delete/Uninstall Game Pigeon On iPhone / iPad

    Firstly, we should know what a Game Pigeon is? It is a mobile game for ios devices and it is developed by Vitalii Zlotskii and released on 13 September 2016. And it is an iMessage app as well you can play games with your friends. And the main feature is that it is a family sharing which allows up to 6 family members to use this app and it is a multiplayer game. This game supports both iPhone and Ipad. It offers 23 games like Mini- Golf, Basketball, word hunt, Poker, 8 ball, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Gomoku, etc.

    You have to send the request to your contact list to play a game. Simply which game you want to play just select that game and then the app will automatically create the Imessage for your opponent and you can easily send requests from your contact list. And once you finish the game and want to Delete/ uninstall the game you will search the web for how to delete/ uninstall the game pigeon on iPhone/ iPad. So let me know about this.

    How to Uninstall Game Pigeon on iphone/ipad

    Once you finish all the games of Game pigeon then you will be bored with playing it and don’t want to play again and again so you want to clean the space of your phone which has been taken by game pigeon.

    So now it will be difficult to find how to uninstall the game pigeon as you don’t see any icon of the game pigeon on your home screen.

    Here are the few steps to uninstall the game pigeon from your iPhone and Ipad: 

    Step 1: Open the iMessage app of your iPhone/ iPad.

    Step 2: Click any iMessage which you have received from any other iPhone/ iPad user. (Not any other iMessage you select).

    Step 3: Select the App Icon If it is not visible then you will find (In the front of your camera icon).

    Step 4: Now at the bottom of your iPhone/ iPad just swipe the icons to the left.

    Step 5: Now you will select the “More” (…) option.

    Step 6: Now you will see the Game pigeon app on the next screen.

    Step 7: After seeing the game pigeon just select it and swipe the left.

    Step 8: Click the Delete button and the app will be uninstalled from iMessage. 

    Now, I have told you how to delete/uninstall the game pigeon from iPhone and iPad. I hope it will help you.


    It is a good game and everyone can play this game. It has 23 games on it and you can enjoy the games as well. A little bit hard to delete/uninstall the game but here is the solution of how to uninstall the game after you finished all the games and the levels of it. Hope you understand the process of deleting/uninstalling the game pigeon. This game also works for Android users.  

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