Watch Zee5 in the USA Easily

    Watch Zee5 in USA Easily
    19 Oct

    Watch Zee5 in the USA Easily

    Zee5 is a popular & leading streaming service that has unlimited entertainment. It started in 2018 and has grown into a wide variety of Bollywood and international titles. Zee5 is accessible in more than 200+ countries, but not in the USA due to some licensing issues. You can still watch Zee5 in the USA with all shows on your device. 

    As we all know, the Indian TV industry has taken a step up in the past few years. All the platforms that India OTTs build their presence around the world through their variety of content. The desire to enjoy this content while living in the US is obvious. To watch ZEE5 you need a VPN that will help you bypass geographic restrictions so you can watch your favorite shows like Hacked, Silence, and Radhe. Read on to learn how to watch Zee5 in the USA with the help of a VPN.

    Table of Contents:

    • Why is Zee5 Difficult to Watch in the USA?
    • What Is VPN and How It Works?
    • Watch Zee5 in USA Easily
    • Watch Zee5 in USA on All the Android Devices
    • Zee5 Packages and Features
    • Zee5 App Compatibility
    • Conclusion

    Why is Zee5 Difficult to Watch in the USA?

    Well, Zee5 is available for 200 counties, but it has restrictions in the USA due to geographic content restrictions. Although Zee5 does not give you direct access to their content in the US, you can still view it. So the answer to all of your questions and thoughts is VPN, for now. You can enjoy your content through a VPN until Zee5 reaches your country. When you try to watch ZEE5 in the USA, you will see an error message. You are wondering why? Well, that’s because of regional restrictions. The content you want to view is within the limit to the country you are in and not accessible from abroad. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get around these digital hurdles and watch ZEE5 in the US at breakneck speed.

    What Is VPN and How It Works?

    VPN is a type of proxy network called Virtual Private Network. When VPN is used, you can access the zee5 and enjoy all of its contents in the USA. To see the Zee5 in the US you have to take the first step and that means buying a VPN. You should know that without a VPN it is not possible to access Zee5 in your country. All you need to do is subscribe to a VPN which allows you to choose a country when you install the VPN. You can simply select the country where Zee5 can be accessed. We suggest that you choose India as Zee5 is an Indian OTT platform.

    Watch Zee5 in USA Easily

    To watch Zee5 in the US, you need to start with a VPN subscription. You can find a VPN service provider, choose one like ExpressVPN, Nord VPN IP Vanish, etc. Now install the official VPN app on your device. We recommend ExpressVPN as it has proven itself over time and still offers high-quality services. Follow these 4 simple steps to watch Zee5 in USA easily: 

    1. Download as well as Subscribe to a VPN Service.


    2. Sign in with the credentials to the VPN application. 


    3. You need to establish a connection to an Indian server from the given list. 


    4. Visit the website of zee5 and start streaming all your favorite shows.


    Now you can go to the Zee5 app on your device and stream your favorites. VPNs are a great way to protect your security and privacy on a higher level, but they are also incredibly useful when it comes to accessing the internet without restrictions. All you have to do is install one on the device of your choice, select an Indian VPN server and you can see ZEE5 in the US. 

    Watch Zee5 in USA on All the Android Devices

    To install and view ZEE5 in the US on your Android, follow these steps: 

    1. Start a Subscription to a good VPN

    2. Download as well as install this VPN app on the android device 

    3. Next download as well as install the app of Zee5 

    4. You need to open this app from your device as well as log into the app 

    5. Navigate to the list of servers and select an Indian server from the list 

    6. Once you are connected, just open the Zee5 app and Enjoy.

    Zee5 Packages and Features

    Zee5 offers different types of free as well as premium streaming options. Simply register for free streaming and get started right away. However, in order to stream premium content, you must first subscribe to the premium service. It offers 3 different full access packages to its premium users:

    You can choose one of these packages and proceed with payment to complete your subscription. However, if you live in the US and want to subscribe to ZEE5, the following plans are offered to you:

    You can see the price difference as the annual package for Indian users is only INR 999 while in the US you have to pay $ 49.99 which is INR 2,700, almost three times the price on offer in India. Use a VPN and connect to an Indian server, enjoy a massive discount on a subscription. In addition, ZEE5 offers 6 multiple sign-ins, which means that you can use a single ZEE5 account on 6 devices.

    Zee5 App Compatibility

    ZEE5 can be streamed online through its website and there are also apps for Android and iOS devices. However, many online streamers may have different device preferences. Here is a list of all the devices that ZEE5 is compatible with: 

    • Windows Pc or laptop 
    • Mac 
    • Android devices 
    • iOS 
    • Smart TV 
    • Android TV


    Zee5 is a popular high-content Indian streaming service. No doubt it has grown exponentially in a short period of time and is now available in 200+ countries. Unfortunately, the site is not available in the USA. You need a VPN to access it. A good VPN will hide your IP address so you can bypass geographic restrictions. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN as it offers lightning-fast speeds to easily stream Zee5 in the US. Enjoying the weekend at home with Zee5 is now something you can do flawlessly.  

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