Why won’t my iPad connect to the internet?

    1 Feb

    Why won’t my iPad connect to the internet?

    The reasons an iPad won’t connect with the internet can consist of something from app trouble or software program trouble to Wi-Fi network misconfiguration, router trouble, or net provider company trouble.

    There are numerous reasons you can not attain the internet, though most of them will contain your connection to your Wi-Fi (although it technically is feasible to attach your iPad thru an Ethernet connection). Read through the troubleshooting steps below, in order, to discover where the iPad net trouble lies and discover ways to repair it.

    How to Fix iPad Internet Problems

    The following steps apply to an iPad that connects to Wi-Fi. Some of those steps work for iPads that use a mobile network. At the lowest of this page are a few additional tips for iPads that use a mobile network.

    • Test the internet connection. On the iPad, open an internet browser consisting of Safari or Chrome and access an internet web page that you understand is online, consisting of Google or Microsoft.
    • If the web page shows in the browser, having access to the internet is not the problem. It can be isolated trouble and associated with the specific app you are using. The best thing you may do is wait for the developer to fix it. If you cannot connect to the website, continue to troubleshoot the problem.
    • Reboot the iPad. A reboot is a common fix for many portions of technology and is usually an important step in basic iPad troubleshooting. A short restart may power cycle whatever the problem is and get you again online.
    • To restart an iPad, maintain the power/sleep button, then slide the button to power off. When the display screen is absolutely black, press and hold the power button once more to power it on.
    • Connect the iPad to a Wi-Fi network. Double-check to ensure the iPad is connected. To access the Wi-Fi settings, pick Settings > Wi-Fi.
    • Networks with a lock symbol are password included while others are open networks that you can connect with freely without understanding the password
    • Forget the Wi-Fi network, then reconnect. Deleting the iPad’s memory of the network after which re-establishing it could be helpful.
    • Tap the small (i) next to the network you are connected to, choose to Forget This Network, then repeat Step three above to connect the iPad to Wi-Fi.
    • Reset the network settings on the iPad. There can be a glitch or misconfiguration that stops the iPad from connecting to the internet.
    • Select Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    • Check the Wi-Fi strength and circulate toward the router. When you are connected to Wi-Fi, you may see the three-lined Wi-Fi image on the top of the display. The Wi-Fi image seems like a dot with round waves above it and appears either on the far right or left side of the status bar, depending on your iOS version.
    • If you have a bad connection, one or more of the waves above the dot is grey rather than black. If there may be only a dot, the Wi-Fi connection is probably so degraded that you cannot hook up with the internet.
    • Disconnect different devices from the network. As more and more devices hook up with the same network, bandwidth needs to be divided equally, which could result in each device having only a tiny slice of the network bandwidth.
    • To offer extra speed and higher connectivity for the iPad, close off devices or remove devices from the network.
    • Check the net connection speed if you are linked to Wi-Fi but cannot do anything on the net.
    • A pace takes a look at shows even an absolutely slow connection speed, which may make it clear whether you are completely disconnected or just linked with such a slow speed that the net doesn’t work.
    • Restart the router. The router handles all of the network connections, so a restart can be helpful whether it is just the iPad it’s having internet troubles, or different devices, too.
    • Check with your ISP to make sure that there isn’t a system-extensive problem. If there may be a system-extensive problem, you will need to wait till your ISP fixes the issue.
    • Reset the iPad and erase all of its contents. At this point, if your different networked devices work and the iPad doesn’t, the iPad may be the problem and may need to be reset.
    • Make an Apple Genius Bar appointment to have a professional look at your iPad. There might be hardware trouble that can only be fixed by a service technician.

    Tips for Network Users

    If your iPad connects to a cellular network such as AT&T or Verizon, there are a few additional steps you may take to fix the internet problem.

    After trying any relevant steps from above, continue with this:

    • Go to Settings > Cellular. If data is on, turn off the Cellular Data toggle switch, then re-enable it after a minute. If data is off, tap the Celluar Data toggle switch to turn it on.

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