Air Canada Reservations & Boarding Latest Tips and Tricks 2020

    AirCanada post pandemic
    4 Aug

    Air Canada Reservations & Boarding Latest Tips and Tricks 2020

    Choosing Air Canada for that extra leg room doesn’t mean it will eliminate the pain of making a reservation without knowledge.

    Have problems in trying to buy airline tickets or Finding a good deal?

    We got all your queries in this article with a one stop solution.

    Here’s a cool checklist that includes Air Canada ticket booking tips, Travel checklist and Reservation tricks to go through before making the decision of your travel ahead in the times of covid-19 pandemic.

    Air Canada Flight

    Air Canada Reservation tips

    Below are some tips you must go through before making your reservation with Air Canada:

    Air Canada Provides some Priority Based Services with Benefits you can avail

    These beneficial services include:

    • Priority services with different business classes
    • Priority service for premium economy class
    • Baggage Priority Handling
    • Priority in Security Clearance
    • Priority Check-ins

    Quick Tip: Mobile Reservation usually includes a small charge so if you want to save that amount. Go for online on desktop or mobile reservation.

    Air Canada Mobile Service


    Air Canada mobile app is a go pro for frequent travellers. You can avail many on-time offers. Just by one click on your phone; at any place and at any time.

    The app is available in all major platforms such as android, ios and windows. It contains information on the go. Apart from getting information you can also make reservations, check your flight status, and make a mature payment.

    It also helps you to keep a track of everything you do when you are with Air Canada.

    Best Deals With Air Canada

    To find the best deals with Air Canada. Always try to do the booking with some authentic sites

    Air Canada has a number of partners that provide authentic reservation at best price.

    Always try to compare the deals with the deals given by the official website, it will save a big buck from your budget.

    Air Canada Boarding and Onboard Tips

    This is something a number of people will never try to think about before boarding a flight. Although you can end up in problems if you haven’t been these before your flight.

    Check in online.

    Always try to check-in online 24 hours prior to your departure time. It will save a lot of time.(be sure to download the app it’s actually very helpful)

    Make it a habit to share your contact details while check-in, in case any problem persists.

    Travelling With Underaged Kids

    You can get seats closeby to each other, contact Air Canada online to avail the benefit.

    You can also get early boarding, which means you can board the plane before general boardings, this will give you more time to settle in.

    Always Check Prior if Your Flight is on Time

    Stay informed about the flight status with the Air Canada app. 

    Also always be early for the flight boarding so that even if some issue occurs you must have time in hand to resolve the problem .

    It’s always better than losing your flight.

    Baggage Allowance for Air Canada

    Never forget to review baggage rules, check size and bag allowances.

    Always put your valuables in carry ons and not in checked bags.

    The most weight in line with the bag is 23 kg (50 lbs) and the entire allowable dimensions are 158 cm (sixty two in). In Air Canada the checked luggage allowance normally relies upon the fare you’ve got bought and the course you’re traveling on. 

    Weight per bag: 23 kg (50 lbs)

    Total dimensions per bag: 158 cm (62 inches)

    Baggage Charges as Per Weight

    1st bag: $31.50

    2nd bag: $52.50

    Each additional bag: $105.00

    Charges per bag

    Over allowed weight : $105 (for bags between 23 – 32 kg (50 – 70 lbs))

    Over allowed size : $105 (for bags between 158 – 292 cm (63 – 115 inches))

    Travelling in Canada

    • Must carry a government issued identity card, which contains the date of birth and gender.
    • Must be present at the airport at least an hour prior to the boarding time.
    • Older passengers must carry their age proof certificates.

    Keep in mind that eligible Air Canada customers enjoy the benefits of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s TSA program which provides accelerated security screening at most U.S. Departure airports with the aid of permitting clients to hold shoes, belts and mild outerwear on, and laptops and beverages in carry-on baggage. Learn more about TSA and how it applies to Air Canada flights.

    Travel to Canada.

    • Bring in your valid passport, check the expiration date prior. 
    • Check if you need a visa to visit Canada, some countries are out of our visa policies.
    • Check about visa policies through your own government helplines.
    • Some destinations might have health entry requirements, Clear and checkout your health prior.

    Here’s a list of commonly asked questions by frequent travellers.

    Q 1. What is the baggage size and weight?

    What is the baggage size and weight?

    Q 2. What is the refund policy?

    You can get the refund if you cancel your ticket 3 hours before the flight takes off.

    If you have other services refunds you can write to the customer care and they will look into the matter & if you are eligible for a refund you will be given soon.

    Q 3. What is the amount to be added over base price?

    They are usually taxes put by the government.

    Q 4.How can I alternate my seat online?

    When you book your flight, pick your seat as you finish your booking. 

    You can even buy your preferred seat by paying a small amount.

    After booking up to 2 hours of flight, choose by going to my bookings tab.

    Q 5. How to handle ticket cancellation amount?

    Always try to book a date only when you are confirmed about the trip. In case you can’t have a fixed date for travel, always try to have insurance for your travel ticket. It can definitely save you many bucks.

    Q 6. What is the right check in time?

    Yes, they are definitely very crucial, never be late and always try to check in 24 hrs before the time of your flight. This will help a lot. This even should not be a question, this should be a practice. 

    Last but not the least, as we all are suffering in this pandemic situation, Our first priority is our health and well being. So it’s as important to know the travel policies of airlines when it comes to travel as well.

    Don’t worry. Air Canada got all your worries onto their inception.

    Let’s get to know about the flight policies as well.

    Air Canada in Covid

    To offer a safe and secure flight to all it’s passengers Air Canada has started a new industry called Air Canada Clean Care+ so, their main focus is to make sure the safety and well-being of each passenger who had put all their belief on Air Canada for their safe journey in the era of this pandemic situation. 

    So, Going by their motto “Safety first, always…”

    We tried to give you a brief about all the latest travel tricks and latest policy changes in Air Canada that could be helpful for you in all your national and international travels in this era of pandemic.

    Hope the article has cleared all your issues about travel with Air Canada and have cleared all your queries related to Air Canada travels. But, if have any doubt. feel free to connect via comments.

    For more information and tips and tricks regarding other airlines continue to check out our next blog. 

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