Allegiant Air Reservations Tips & Information

    10 Aug

    Allegiant Air Reservations Tips & Information

    It is the 9th largest airline as a major carrier of the United States of America.

    It provides you the best deals and offers time to time or occasionally .

    Allegiant Air is also the low-cost pricing American airlines that serves both charter and scheduled flights.

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    If you are a first-timer you must read this article, but if you are not a first-timer then you should also read this because this article contains all information that you want it will clear your all doubt.

    Headquarters of Allegiant Air is in Nevada, Summerlin and in Las Vegas.

    Allegiant Air is a publicly-traded company which have more than 4000 employees and over a 2.6 US$ billion market value. 

    Destinations where Allegiant Air is flying mostly in the USA

    • Las Vegas
    • Phoenix
    • Florida
    • Austin
    • Arizona
    • Arkansas
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Hawaii
    • Indiana
    • Kentucky
    • Louisiana

    Seats in Allegiant Airlines

    Allegiant flights have excellent quality seats are available that are comfortable for everyone.

    The seats in Allegiant are assigned with leather.

    We will be assigned a seat for you by our system at no cost.

    There are 2 options for selecting seats the first is during checking-in online and the second one is at the airport.

    • If you check-in online, you can see your seat and chose the favourite seat you want to travel and you can also change the seat assign from the airlines.

    Once you are at the airport and get your boarding pass, then there is no options for changing your seat.

    You can change or purchase seats on the basis of availability of seat you need to book.

    There is a common Economy class in every flight cabin of allegiant airlines, Allegiant Air flight cabins have 90% standard seats and 10% of the seat is with extra legroom that is expensive.

    Seat TypeDimension
    Standard Seats30″pitch*17″width
    Gaint Seats34″pitch*25″width
    Seat & its Dimensions

    Meals & Beverages

    Allegiant airlines do not give you free meal or free drinks with your tickets.

    There is a variety of meals and beverages and drinks are available but not free, they charge you for your order.

    These are available for passenger comfort and convenience when they are travelling.

    You can also enjoy drinks in-flight if to you want to but you have to pay for that, and there is a guideline on alcoholic drinks if you are above 21 then only you can order an alcoholic drink, and only responsible consumption is allowed there is a limit on  Alcohol served inside the flight.

    If you carry an alcohol bottle from outside that is not allowed to be consumed inside Allegiant airlines flight. You cannot open in the flight.

    There are few brands of alcohol that you can carry during flight.

    You do not carry any brand of alcohol in flight, and there is an amount fixed that you can carry, but it depends on your travel locations/destinations.

    You can buy these things in Allegiant only if you have debit cards or credit cards, They do not accept  cash, check or money orders

    Baggage Policy

    In Allegiant Air there are different rules than other Airlines .

    One person or passenger can carry only one handbag/purse or briefcase for free of cost if you do not want to pay extra for luggage you have to travel with 1 baggage.

    If you have more than 1 baggage then you have to pay extra for other bags.

     There are 2 options available in Allegiant Air for baggage .

    • You can pay in advance for your extra baggage at the time booking tickets.
    • Otherwise, you can also pay at the airport at the time of check-in.
    • But there is a difference in both prices .if you pay in advance this is cheaper than the check-in baggage at the airport.

    Every passenger can pre-book their baggage up to 4 bags each person.

    The weight of each bag can be up to 18 kilos or 40 pounds.

    The maximum size of the bag/briefcase is 80  linear inches in height and width-length.

    There is also an additional charge, if you may apply for the excess of 18 kilos.

    If you carry only one bag that is for free you should keep in mind that the dimension of the bag must be less than or equal to 7x15x16 inches, and wheels and handles are included in the dimensions.

    If you have a carry bag the dimension must be less than or equal to 9x14x22 inches.

    Allegiant air have age category of passengers.

    There are certain guidelines that must be follow by every customers.

    Passengers Policy

    • If a passenger is under the age of 24 months are comes in an Infant.
    • Infants are allowed to fly in the Allegiant Air flight but, there are guidelines like they must travel within proper guidance, the guidance must be an adult and the guidance has a valid birth certificate of Infant.
    • You are allowed to carry an infant. There are 2 options available you have to choose one of them if you are travelling with an infant.
      • The first one is on the lap of the adult or guidance.
      • The second one has its own seat, seated in an approved car seat holder which is approved in safety measures.
    • Children between the age of 2 years to 14 years have a normal passenger ticket on the base of their birth certificate or and proof. but cannot travel alone. Children between the age of 2 years to 14 years fly with a person whose age is a minimum of 15 years old.
    • If Children age between 15 years old to 17 years old. You are allowed to travel alone on flights.
      • Passengers with age above 15 years old who must have their own seat in the Allegiant flight,
      • Birth certificate or any other identification proof is mandatory to book your tickets if you are between the age of 15 years to 17 years old, But not allowed to fly if there is special advisory that weather is not good for travel.
    • Passengers whose age is 18 or above, then you must have your own passports to travel over worldwide with Allegiant Air flight.

    Allegiant Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

    Airlines airlines cancellation policy for booking or cancellation of Allegiant flight tickets very easy.

    • If you cancel your flight tickets within 24 hours of booking there is a full refund.
    • if you try to cancel your flight tickets after 24 hours there are penalty and cancellation charges that you have to cancel your booked tickets, That is non-refundable.
    • There are vouchers also available that will give you a discount.
    • There is 3 way to cancel your flight tickets.
      • Email
      • Confirmation
      • Debit/Credit card

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    Contact for Allegiant Air Reservations

    Write to them at
    Allegiant Travel Company
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    Live Chat 
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