Best Types of Bikes for Leisure Riding

    23 Oct

    Best Types of Bikes for Leisure Riding

    Some people take cycling very seriously and ride competitively. Others just like the way riding a bike feels. If you enjoy riding a bike because of the freedom it provides, you’re in the “leisure riding” camp.

    That means you need a bike that keeps you comfortable while getting you from Point A to Point B. Fortunately, there are several types of bikes that are specifically designed for leisure riding. They won’t force you into a forward-leaning position, and they’ll absorb much of the road roughness you encounter on a regular basis.

    From a women’s beach cruiser with gears to a soft and cushy city bike, you’ve got some great options. So without further ado, here are some of the best types of bikes for leisure riding.

    Cruiser Bikes

    Cruiser bikes are the quintessential comfort bikes. You have probably seen them on beachside trails or around town. People love cruiser bikes because they are as made to be as comfortable as possible. They keep riders in a fully upright position so they don’t feel strain on their backs while riding. They also feature wider-than-usual tires that absorb most of the bumps that occur while riding on regular paved roads.

    Since cruiser bike tires are so wide, they prevent the bike from reaching very fast speeds. That means this is not the type of bike you want to ride if you’re racing someone. But for everyday riding needs and enjoying the scenery around you, you can’t go wrong with a women’s beach cruiser with gears.

    City Bikes

    A city bike is also known as an urban bicycle or utility bicycle. It’s designed primarily for use in flat urban areas and is an exceptional commuter option. The bike is designed for short rides that are moderately paced, and it keeps you in an upright position similarly to a beach cruiser. When looking for the ideal city bike, make sure the saddle is wide, padded and comfortable. You may also want a bell that will help you warn other bikers and walkers of your approach.

    It’s also important to be fitted for a bike if you want the most comfortable ride. Getting a bike that’s the wrong size will put strain on your back, knees and arms. A professional fitting can help you get the ideal fit so your ride is as comfortable as possible.

    Hybrid Bikes

    Womens hybrid bikes are designed to provide the best features of both road and mountain bikes. They are faster than cruiser and city bikes, but they aren’t quite as comfortable. However, they are more comfortable than road bikes because they help you maintain a more upright position. A hybrid bike is designed with medium-width tires that help absorb shock but are narrow enough to navigate mild dirt trails as well as paved roads.

    You may want a hybrid bike if you typically like to ride on paved roads, but you also like to do a little trail riding as well. Keep in mind that hybrid bikes aren’t designed for very rough off-roading trails.

    All of these types of bikes are fun to ride. Now that you know the main differences between cruisers, city bikes and hybrid bikes, you can make the selection that best meets your leisure riding needs.

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