Delta Airlines Reservations Online Booking Tips to Save Money

    4 Aug

    Delta Airlines Reservations Online Booking Tips to Save Money

    Delta Airlines Reservations

    Delta airlines is one of the major airlines of the United States. Delta and its worldwide alliance together operate more than 15,000 flights per day, hence there is no denying that it is one of the major airlines of the United States. Today we will be discussing delta airlines reservations tips, some cheapest ways to book delta flights, delta air in-flights services and how to book tickets online. As of June 2020, delta operates a fleet of 840 aircraft. Normally the air crafts are manufactured by Airbus and Boeing. Now without wasting further time let’s jump into the topic.

    Delta Airlines Reservations

    The cheapest way to book flights & do Delta Airlines reservation

    Using of Right Websites

    This is one of the major problems for people from where to purchase or book Delta Airlines reservations. But there are some tools available from where you can scan thousands of flights and then choose flights accordingly. These tools are google flights and bing travel that will definitely help you a lot to save some money.

    From google flights and bing travel you can select the best fare suitable for you. Once you are satisfied with the fare available, you can simply click on the fare which will redirect you to the official airline’s website to complete your purchase.

    Best time to Book Delta Airlines Reservations

    There is a myth that If you want the best deals on fare of delta airlines reservations, then you will have to book flights as soon as possible. But as per the Huffington post, If one books the flight ticket exactly 47 days before takeoff, he will get a cheaper ticket.

    Cheapest days to travel through delta

    Always remember one thing before booking tickets, If you want to save some money then never ever book a flight for Friday. Air fares are always costly on Friday travels. The best days for travels are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So make sure you book a flight ticket for any one of these days.

    One more thing to keep in mind is that always try to book delta airlines reservations for early morning or late night, as you will get a slightly cheaper ticket compared to noon etc.

    Exchange Rates

    This one benefit is only available for International flights. Before booking the ticket make sure to check the website of the destination country. Sometimes you get cheaper prices because of the exchange rates.  

    Now we will be discussing the airline’s cabin and different services on different cabins.

    Delta Airlines Flight Cabins

    There are 6 cabins in delta airlines. These are First Class, Economy Class, Main cabin, Delta One, Delta Comfort, Delta Premium Select

    First Class

    Services offered are:-

    1. Pre-flight drinks along with snacks.
    2. Built in 110 volts outlet for entertainment.
    3. Meals are served over 1500 miles.
    4. Billboard earbuds and coffee and snacks of starbucks.

    Economy Class

    1. Can enjoy soft beverages and complimentary snacks.
    2. Travelling in a main cabin seat.
    3. Permit is given to carry a bag in the cabin for free.
    4. Free of cost access to in-flight messaging.

    Main Cabin

    1. Unlimited entertainment on Delta Studio along with complimentary headphones.
    2. Alcoholic drinks of wide range are available for purchase.
    3. Snacks available from Coca cola or Starbucks.
    4. Can pre-select the seat of own choice free of cost (Only for Medallion members) 

    Delta One

    1. Offers a personal flights attendant.
    2. A pair of shocks and lip balm.
    3. 180 degree flat bed seat. 
    4. Delta studio for entertainment and many more.

    Delta Comfort

    1. Free amenity kit provided.
    2. Overhead bin space seats.
    3. Early Boarding.
    4. Starbucks tidbits on flights over 300 miles.
    5. A wider legroom.
    6. Premium snacks on flights over 900 miles.

    Delta Premium

    1. Available only on International flights.
    2. Bigger entertainment screen available on the seat.
    3. Plated meals served along with finest wines. 
    4. Wider seat with a better recline.

    How to book a flight on Delta Airlines?

    For some people it seems very difficult to go ahead with the online ticket booking process. But for those people we have some amazing steps to carry on booking online tickets. These steps are also very helpful for those who are booking tickets online for the first time. Let’s see the booking process step by step.

    Step 1: Open official site of the delta airline. On the left corner there will be an option called “Book”. Click on this option for booking. Then you will have to enter whether you want a single side trip or round trip. Once you are done with it, select the starting destination from where you will take flight and the other destination where you wanna go. 

    Step 2: You will have to select the type of seat or cabin you want i.e, First Class or Economy Class or Main cabin or Delta One or Delta Comfort or Delta Premium. This is your choice to choose which type of seat fits your budget.

    Step 3: In this step you will have to select a flying date i.e, the date of the flight departure. You will also have to select the number of seats you are booking. Then after that a new page will open in which you can select your desired date and time. After filling all these click the red arrow shown in the right down corner.

    Step 4: Then they will show you the trip summary so that you can cross check the information you filled previously, example destination, flights, date etc. 

    Step 5: Once you are done with cross checking your details, then you have to confirm the mode of payment or other charges as per your additional requirement.

    Other charges means paying extra for other services to be offered during flight which include:-

    1. Wifi access, meals.
    2. In case you want to change the seat etc.

    Step 6: If you have an AMEX card or if you are a member of SkyMiles frequent flyer program, then you can use them to avail some discount, otherwise you can proceed.

    Step 7: Once all this stuff is done, book your ticket by clicking the option called “Continue to review and Pay.”

    Step 8: After this you will be asked for personal information which will include your mail id and phone number. 

    Step 9: The last step is to make payment, you can pay whether by credit card or debit card. But if you want some discount then make sure to use your AMEX card. After this don’t forget to click on “Yes, protect my trip”. This will help you to get free cancellation on your bookings.


    We just discussed how to save money on online flight ticket bookings, the services delta airlines provide on different types of seats and the most important is how to book online tickets from the official site of delta airlines. We hope you’ve got the answer for your questions. 

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