Hawaiian Airlines Reservation +1-800-831-1547 Tips & Offer

    6 Aug

    Hawaiian Airlines Reservation +1-800-831-1547 Tips & Offer

    Hawaiian Airlines are the 10th biggest commercial airlines in the United States of America.

    It is in Honolulu that is in Hawaii. It is also the biggest airlines in the United States.

    Hawaiian Airlines is also one of the cheapest airlines in the United States of America.

    It always takes care of passengers in every way like comfortable entertainment, food and safety also.

    Hawaiian Airlines is one of the oldest airlines of the United States of America.

    Hawaiian Airlines is 91 years old airlines which is set up in 1929.

    The primary and main headquarter where the airline operates everything is at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport is situated in O’ahu and the secondary hub is out of Kahului Airport situated on the island of Maui.

    Hawaiian Airlines  is in the top 10 of commercial airlines of the United States of America

    This airline mainly focuses on Hawaii but it has 61 fleets and serve over 28 destinations not only in Hawaii or in the mainland of the United States of America but it serves worldwide.

    Flights are mainly serves to these places

    • American Samoa
    • Asia
    • French Polynesia
    • New Zealand
    • Hawaii
    • Australia
    • The United States mainland 

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    Hawaiian Airlines Reservations system

    Traveling with Infant or child

    Hawaiian Airlines give extra effort to the safety and comfort of the child and infant(less than 2year old child) travelling their flights.

    So, This Airlines made some strict guidelines and instructions for passengers flying with children or infant.

    If a child who is just born or under 2 years old age child is allowed to travel as an infant passenger.

    It is allowed to carry them in a lap or you can allot a seat by booking a ticket to make your baby carrier as in infant car seat settle.

    You must have to carry a birth certificate of the baby and if your baby is 7 days old, then you also have to submit the approval of the doctor.

    If the child exceeds the age of 2 years, then you have to book a ticket in the flight to travel just like a normal passenger.

    Infant or child both age above 2 years are not allowed to travel in the Hawaiian Airlines flight alone. They must have a guardian with them who is an adult of at least of 15-year-old, only when they are allowed to travel

    Baggage Information

    In Hawaiian airlines, a person could travel with a briefcase, purse, backpack, or laptop bag, but there is a condition of weight.

    The should be less than 11 kg. otherwise, you will have to pay extra dollars for extra weight.

    There is one more condition of dimension of the baggage, the dimension of the baggage must be 22 inches in tall, 14 inches in wide and 9 inches in broad .

    If your baggage is more than this dimension you will pay an additional charges for your baggage.

    BaggageNeighbors islandNorth AmericaInternational and First Class
    First bag25$30$free
    Second bag35$40$free

    Meals & Beverages

    Meals and Beverages charges are included in tickets at the time of booking. that means its free of cost you just have to pay ticket charges only.

    Hawaiian Airlines give this facility to its onboard flights at all destinations of the world except for Tahiti and America Samoa.

    Hawaiian Airlines also provide a complimentary drink with your meal that includes water, soft drink, juice, soda, tea, coffee, and alcoholic drink like red and white wine.


    Hawaiian airlines give you a DigEplayer which is a video player, but it is on-demand or you can also call it that it is on rent.

    Yes you listen correct, you have to pay extra for this player.

    Otherwise you have to carry your own entertainment source.

    In some of the Hawaiian airlines, the fleet has a built-in screen, fleets like Airbus A330 and new Airbus A321neo.

    Pet Travel Policy

    Yes, you can travel with your pets, because pet travel is permitted on Hawaiian Airlines flight.

    Pets like dogs, cats are allowed to travel either in-cabin or as baggage hold.

    There are some strict rules and restrictions under which you can travel with your pet.

    If you follow the rules only when you will get approval for the flight journey in Hawaiian airlines.

    Rule when pet traveling as checked baggage

    • Weight of the pet is restricted to 70 lbs while travelling in the carriage.
    • If the weight of the container and pet exceeds the weight more than 70 lbs, in that case, the Hawaiian Airlines will make sure that your pet will be transport in the cargo hold of aircraft.
    • You must have to lock your pet in the pet container or in the cage. which is comfortable and fulfil the safety measures to the pet and the passengers.
    • When your pet is travel as checked baggage then, your pet will be transported in the baggage compartment of the same flight you are flying.
    • You have to book in advance ticket for your pet too or maybe at the same time when you are booking your own flights.

    Rules when pet traveling in-cabin

    • Pet is only allowed in the passenger cabin of the airlines when the flight is flying in Hawaii and when the flight is leaving the state of Hawaii
    • Pets are not allowed to travel or arrive outside of the state of Hawaii.
    • If you are travel with the pet you have to carry him in a cage or in a container that is comfortably fit in the space of the seat of the passengers in front of you.
    • Make sure that the pet is comfortable and the weight of the container and the pet do not exceed 70lbs, and the container is locked.

    Cancellation Policy in Hawaiian Airlines

    As per the cancelation of the tickets  is as simply as booking of the tickets.

    You can cancel you’re your ticket without facing any problem.

    Hawaiian airlines allow every passenger yo cancel its own ticket with a complete refund, but for a complete refund, you have to cancel your tickets within the purchase time period of 24 hours or 7 days before the departure of the flight.

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