7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Video To Grow Their New Business

    14 Mar

    7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Video To Grow Their New Business

    It’s 2022, and the Internet is filled with tons of video content from brands and individuals. At a time when attention spans are increasingly becoming shorter, it’s important to include videos in your marketing strategy. 

    Once you have created a solid business plan and got yourself a few customers, it’s time to start marketing yourself. But how do you do that? You have two options. You can either create long-form, SEO-optimized articles or you can make short, crisp videos on topics that your customers love. 

    Videos are a great way to build credibility online and usually require only two things—a good storyline and knowing how to edit videos.

    If you’re an entrepreneur who’s just starting out, here are seven ways you can use video marketing to grow your new business: 

    1. Create brand recognition 

    What’s the first name that comes to your mind while searching for smartphones? Or how about when someone talks about the best chocolate in the whole world? What we’re trying to say is that a big reason why businesses succeed in the long-term is because of brand building.  

    And so, what better than video marketing to build your brand? Creating high-quality videos with a powerful message and targeting is the best way to do so. And you don’t even need to spend a fortune to edit videos. With affordable online video editors like InVideo, it has now become easy to create brand videos at one-third the cost. Companies like Lyft and GoPro invest a significant amount of their budgets into video content, keeping it at the forefront of their brand strategy. Similarly, you too can use it to create a good brand for yourself. 

    2. Gain visibility and go viral

    An often-repeated adage, virality, and fame are other significant advantage of video marketing. At a time when attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter, it’s essential to have a wow factor in your marketing strategy. Your videos should have an exciting hook, along with a storyline and clean editing that keeps people glued.  

    In addition to good copywriting, you also need a video editor that can help you create fantastic content. All you need is a good idea and a camera to do so.

    Dollar Shave Club’s viral 2011 video proved that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars editing or shooting videos. The brand has since produced multiple other videos, creating a solid buzz in the market.

    3. Create introductory videos for brand awareness 

    People buy from other people. That’s why your brand needs to have a relatable personality rather than just being all about itself. To market your business online, you can create introductory videos and take people behind the scenes to show them what’s happening in your company.

    From BTS footage to regular live sessions, video marketing can take many forms. You can consider making videos discussing FAQs or sharing testimonials to build brand awareness.

    An introductory video usually begins with a conversation or a question from the character to the audience. 

    Think creatively and tell your clients about the problems you solved and how your solution differed from your competitors. 

    4. Use video testimonials for social proof  

    While written reviews are good, do you know what’s even better? The smiling face of a satisfied customer alongside some great reviews about your product.  

    Video testimonials are an excellent way to gather social proof. As a brand, it’s vital that people talk about your brand positively. When a customer appreciates the product or service, it indirectly affects their own buying decisions. Additionally, it also pushes other people to buy your product or service.

    As testimonial videos are often raw, they are the most authentic way to learn about a product. When looking for testimonials, choose videos that show customers in their own environment. Rather than a scripted or heavily edited video, opt for natural and unfiltered testimonials. 

    5. Create shareable videos for your products 

    Nearly 65% of the global population learns visually. This implies that they need to see something to retain information. Visuals are a great way to put your point across, especially with the shortcomings of written and verbal communication. But how can you capture people’s attention in just five to seven seconds? Simple. You create videos.

    A good way of promoting your business on social media is by creating short and appealing product videos. Your videos should make the person stop what they’re doing and pay attention. Especially when they’re scrolling through their feed. 

    People will quickly scroll through your content if your message isn’t interesting and your videos aren’t catchy. Bite-sized videos allow you to hook the audience before providing information that maintains their interest. This strategy works for everyone, whether a Fortune 500 conglomerate or a new startup. 

    6. Create instructional videos 

    A combination of video and content marketing is especially useful for entrepreneurs creating technology products. Don’t assume that everybody knows what your product or service is about or how they can use it. Create a detailed instructional video that helps your customers and makes things accessible and smooth for them.

    To do so, all you need is a good video editor and a camera. You can then upload it to social media platforms or host it on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Adding videos to your content marketing strategy not only gives it a boost but also provides customers with a sneak-peek into using your products.

    7. Start vlogging 

    Vlogging is another excellent method for promoting your products. It not only documents your journey but also provides customers with an in-depth look at how you’re building your business. Getting people interested in your life will invariably get them involved in your professional pursuits.

    Final thoughts 

    Now that you know how to use videos to promote your business, it’s time to create them. InVideo makes it easy to create buzz-worthy videos at a fraction of the cost. 

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