Customer Service number for Airbnb

    phone number of airbnb
    4 Nov

    Customer Service number for Airbnb

    Customer service is the backbone of any service industry as the users of that service wants an immediate resolution of their problem. Airbnb is a start-up that is providing services in remote areas in which you can take accommodation from anyone anywhere.

    But the biggest hurdle that their customers are facing is that when they are having any type of trouble they are unable to contact Airbnb. Since the company is not taking their customer in a way it must take, as they are unable to find the exact phone number for Airbnb it creates the worst impact on them.

    To know more about Airbnb safety I had written a post after deep research on its safety with title- “Is Airbnb safe” and also about its superhost program with title- “What is airbnb superhost

    What is the phone number for Airbnb?

    The best toll-free contact number for Airbnb is 1-855-424-7262 after being best the average wait time is between 7 to 12 minutes.

    If this number takes much more time then discussed you can try for another number which works well in the USA for local callers is 1-415-800-5959.

    For the united kingdom callers- they can try 02033 181 111

    phone number of airbnb

    If you want to send a letter manually you can use this one-

    888 Brannan St.

    Floor 4

    San Francisco, CA 94117

    If you want to do exponentially big try sending e-mails to the top-level authority-

    Host and guest concerns: Aisling Hassell, Global Head of CX- [email protected]

    CEO of Airbnb Brian Chesky can be either reached- [email protected] or [email protected]

    You can also click on the Airbnb official website for help centre

    855-424-7262 is the best number and there is a callback option available and more interestingly these are picked by real humans. The department you are calling is Airbnb customer support which is available for 24 hours for the whole week and the best time for calling is 2:30 pm. Press 0# each time when it asks for phone number listed on your account and then press 1 but if you are in immediate danger you can call to the local authorities. this is the best phone number which ranks on number 1 position.


    After using all these tactics and not satisfied you can use this technique to solve your problem simply by tweeting to @AirbnbHelp as it is a public profile they will take immediate action after this.


    I had reviewed and exposed the potential of the service agents after having a deep research on the net and after reading many bloggers and third-party review sites I found a big loophole in Airbnb services.

    After thorough reading research done by a well-known travel expert Asher Ferguson, I found many loopholes in the Airbnb customer service. Nearly about 82% of guests who have a problem with Airbnb mainly pointed out that customer service was the main problem.

    Review:8 reasons why Airbnb service is so bad…

    1. The first and foremost reason why Airbnb service are so bad because they are not much responsive as and when you are in need.
    2. When anyone calls the Airbnb customer experience team they are not valuing the customers, they are simply taking it leniently as they are no more in need of you.
    3. Many customer finds that their complaint was closed from other end without solving the problem.
    4. They always tend to blame the customer for any inappropriate happening even if they are giving valid proof for the wrong happening it automatically turns to be ‘void’.
    5. There is a major problem with their representatives is that they even don’t know how to operate the Airbnb website and the mobile app on a basic level.
    6. There is a lack of correlation between the team members as you cannot specify a single person who is working on your problem and their attitude remains permanently bad.
    7. After getting complied with their term and condition then also you are not going to get a refund.
    8. After having a lot of experience you can easily understand that there terms and policies are made only for making money.

    According to me…

    Exposed: Why it is tough to get the phone number of Airbnb?

    As both the co-founders are more likely passionate about their business model and are not giving more attention to the service model. They have not even thought about the customer service, which is must to provide for the service industry.

    This situation may be a little bit like this also as they are cutting their cost by not giving more attention to the consumer service. Because of all these possibilities the desired consumers are unable to search the phone number of Airbnb.

    And I personally recommend to use twitter with the specific profile name when you are in trouble which is given above under the heading of ‘Note’.

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