Best tips on how to avoid alcohol drinking

    19 Mar

    Best tips on how to avoid alcohol drinking

    If you are drinking alcohol then you must be familiar with its side effect. Because alcohol is made with various chemical substances, and also include narcotic drugs that are not good for health. There are many tips through which you can avoid alcoholic drinks and protect yourself from various type of disease. I am going to explain some tips which you can read and apply them.

    Trigger Recognize

    To drinking alcohol activation arise outside or internal triggers. Recognize these and avoiding them is key to leaving drinking and maintaining long-term self-denial. Sometimes you feel mental stress, To remove your mental stress you understand a good way to drinks alcohol. but It less good and worse because it can bound your thinking skills. To avoid drinking alcohol, you will control your internal triggers. It is a better way to get rid of alcohols.

    Write a short note of drinking a reason

    If you want to avoid drinking, First you would know your drinks reason. After it, you can make a list of the cause to avoid your drinking. And to avoid that you can follow following activities such as morning walk, to enough sleeping, take fruits juice, wandering at the natural place, these activities will help to improve your relationship and gives more motivational inspiration.

    To set a goal to avoid alcohol

    However, If you are a regular drinker, to avoid alcohol are not impossible for you. but little difficult. For it, you can set a limit on how much you will drink in one day. Otherwise, you may create a schedule according to monthly or weekly that how much drinks you can absorve. Slowly you can increase your drinking periods gaps. however, as nothing possible to do this, you may consult to doctor that what want to do for it. It may be the best way to avoid alcohol drinking.

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    Keep away alcohol from your house

    Keep away alcohol from your house
    Keep away alcohol from your house

    If you don’t have alcohol at home, It can help to decrease your drinking limit. And it is a better thought to get rid of alcohol.

    Keep busy your self

    Keep busy your self
    Keep busy your self

    To get rid of alcohol, you can keep busy your self, which your mind will not divert to alcohol. To keep busy your self you can do the following activity such as take a walk, play sports, go out from home to eat or catch a movie etc. While you are staying at home, you can choose your new hobbies to keep busy your self as playing a musical instrument,  Painting because of these hobbies will help to avoid your drinking alcohol and it is a good solution to protect your self from alcohol.

    To drinking alcohol select-free days

    If you want to completely avoid drinking alcohol, you can decide to drink to free day. A few days till to see yourself do not take any drinks, and you are feeling your self without drinks. Taking a break from alcohol can be the best way to start drinking less.

    To take support

    It is not easy work to cut down drinks alcohol. Let friends and family member be required their support for it. In this situation, your doctor, counselor, or therapist may also be able to offer help.

    Continue to control drinks alcohol

    Most people immediately stop drinking alcohol but they do so after many efforts. In the initial stage, perhaps you will fail but you can do it. because everything is possible nothing impossible. But you continue controlling the process.

    Space Your Drinks

    space from drinks
    space from drinks

    There are many ways of cutting down alcohol, you can drink non-alcoholic beverages instead of alcohol. Non-alcoholic beverages such as the drink of water, juice or soda will help to reduce drinking alcohol. It has no side effect, you can drink according to your capacity. It is a good way to avoid alcohol.

    How to Say ‘No “alcohol”

    Probabilities you are going to be in positions in which someone is going to extend you a drink or require you to drink with them as you have done in the past. Learn how to respectfully say “no thank you,” and really mean it. Say it fast and firmly so that you don’t give yourself time to change your mind. You may want to prepare what you will say the next time your friends ask you to have a drink.


    Remarkable of these strategies — such as watching for peer pressure, keeping busy, asking for support, being informed of temptation, and being persistent — can also be helpful for people who require to give up alcohol completely.

    Once you’ve cut back on your drinking examine your drinking habits regularly to see if you’re maintaining this level of drinking. Some people attain their object only to find that old habits crop up again later. If this happens, discuss your doctor.

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