Best Red Wine Brands In India

    Best red wine brands in India
    11 Jan

    Best Red Wine Brands In India

    As you know that there are many types of wine brands have been developed in our country. But it is the most important information for you if you like to drink any types of wine. You must know which type of wine to drink. But the red wine brands for skin is famous in India which you can drink easily. Because red wine made with various fruits juice such as grapes, apple, pineapple, etc.

    Wine is important for health like other drinks. Because red wine contains almost 10-12 % alcohol. Which anyone easily can drink and it does not more harmful for your health. There are many wine manufacturer company in India that develop local India wine also with excellent wine brands. I am going to explain the best red wine brands in India that do not damage your health also with it will be beneficial for your glowing skin

    Red wine Brands Name

    1. Castillo De Salobrena
    2. Dolce Vita Chardonnay
    3. J & W Sparkling Red
    4. Donelli
    5. Seagram Nine Hills
    6. Patritti Billabong
    7. Giacobazzi
    8. Big Banyan merlot
    9. Fratelli Sette by Fratelli Wines
    10. Chene Grand Reserve
    11. Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
    12. Bariquire Reserve Cabernet Shiraz
    13. Dindori Reserve Shiraz
    14. La’ Reserve
    15. Seagram Nine Hills
    16. Chateau D’ori  Cabernet Merlot
    17. Wolftrap Red
    18. Grover La reserve
    19. Godfathers

    Best red wine brands and prices in India

    There is much best red wine brand for glowing skin in India also with the different price depends on quantity. You can read the sort information about the red wine brands India with price list.

    Sr. NoRed Wine Brand NameQuantity(ml)Price(INR)
    1.Castillo De Salobrena Red Wine1000345.00
    2.Dolce Vita Chardonnay White Wine Winegar250369.00
    3.J & W J & W Sparkling Red750440.00
    4.Donelli Non-Alcoholic Red Wine750499.00
    5.Seagram Nine Hills750565.00
    6.Patritti Billabong Red Non-Alcoholic Beverage750600.00
    8.Giacobazzi Non-Alcoholic Red Wine750699.00
    9.Big Banyan Merlot750725.00
    10.Wolftrap Red750770.00
    11.La’ Reserve750800.00
    12.Dindori Reserve Shiraz750850.00
    13.Bariquire Reserve Cabernet Shiraz750900.00
    14.Chateau D’ori  Cabernet Merlot7501000.00
    15.Rasa Shiraz7501175.00
    16.Reveilo Cabernet Sauvignon7501300.00
    17.Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve7501345.00
    18.Fratelli Sette7501650.00
    19.Chene Grand Reserve7501700.00

    Castillo De Salobrena Red Wine

    Image result for Castillo De Salobrena Red Wine image

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    Specification Of Castillo De Salobrena

    1.BrandCastillo De Salobrena
    2. Model NameNon Alcoholic Wine-Red
    3.Quantity1 L
    4.FlavorGrape, Apple
    5.Shelf Life24 Months
    6.Container TypeGlass Bottle

    This Castillo De Salobrenared wine is the most important monument of Salobrena, Granada. It is known the existence of a fortress in Salobrena since the x century. An excellent non-alcoholic grape juice that makes a wonderful alternative to wine.

    The biggest benefit of the Castillo de Salobrena wine is it’s protected against artery damage, consequently lowering blood pressure. However, consuming non-alcoholic red wine can elevate the nitric oxide levels in your blood. But the good news is nitric oxide relaxes the walls of the blood vessels, helping better blood flow.

     Dolce Vita Chardonnay White Wine Winegar

    Image result for Dolce Vita Chardonnay White Wine Winegar image

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    Specification Of Dolce Vita Chardonnay

    1.BrandDolce Vita
    2. Ingredientes Chardonnay wine vinegar
    4.Country Of OriginSpain
    5.Volume250 Milliliters

    This Dolce Vita white wine vinegar is built from a piking of white wines of the best merits. However, in this old method of long mature without adding alcohol Dolce Vita white wine vinegar is a special recommended spice up dishes with white fish. But we use to season grilled or raw salads and vegetables or as an ingredient in a wide range of recipes.

     J & W Sparkling Red

    Image result for J & W J & W Sparkling Red image

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    Specification Of J & W Sparkling Red

    1.BrandJ&W Premium
    2. Ingredientes Vegetarian
    3.Quantity1.4 Kg 
    4.Country Of OriginIndia
    5.Volume750 Milliliters

    All sparkling wines should be cooled, whether red, white According to the Wine Spectator journal, sparkling red wines, like a sparkling Shiraz, are better when cooled in refrigerators before served.

    The coldest temperature maximizes the bubbles and gives the wine a delicious freshness.

    Donelli Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

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    Specification Of Donelli Non-Alcoholic  

    2. Ingredientes Vegetarian
    4.Country Of OriginAlcohol free

    A good, non-alcoholic sparkling drink built from fresh-pressed grapes. It does not contain sugar or added concentrates or artificial colors or flavors. This refreshing and sifted drink is available in a variety of styles: natural grapes, peach, apple, orange and cranberry and is ideal for parties and family gatherings.

    Seagram Nine Hills

    Image result for Seagram Nine Hills image

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    Like beer, you can now open an elegant wine can in India. Following the spirit of convenience that stands out among the millennials of India, the Sula Vineyards, based in Nashik, launched the first canned wine in the country. The Indian winemaker, who owns 60% of the market share, introduced his eight-year-old brand, Dia Sparkler, into a 330 ml can. Until now, wines in India were sold in glass bottles with most imported brands with even corkscrews, positioning.

    Patritti Billabong Red Non-Alcoholic Beverage

    Image result for Patritti Billabong Red Non-Alcoholic Beverage image

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    Specification Of Patritti Billabong Red Non-Alcoholic Beverage

    2. Ingredientes Vegetarian
    3.Quantity1.26 Kg
    4.Volume750 Milliliters

    Billabong red wine is packaged in an attractive way using distinctive label designs, which represent the unique flora and fauna of Australia. With less than 0.5% alcohol, the wine is produced through a multi-stage process of alcohol removal that involves the initial extraction of the colors and flavors of the wine, and the secondary extraction of alcohol from the wine. The original colors and flavors are finally reintroduced into the freshly alcohol-free wine.

    Giacobazzi Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

    Image result for Giacobazzi Non-Alcoholic Red Wine image

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    Specification Of Giacobazzi Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

    2.Model NameNon Alcoholic Red Wine
    4.Container TypeGlass Bottle
    5.Shelf Life24 Months
    6.FlavorRed Wine

    This is a very special type of red wine. The way it comes is very difficult that most of the other wineries do not follow and, therefore, it becomes an aristocratic wine. In addition, for the same reason, it has a strong unique personality like some other products of this brand. Due to high-tech communication, you get the benefit of the supremacy of different numbers for immediate and unambiguous identification.

    Therefore, this great type of red wine can meet the requirements of most types of consumers. As a result, it has become easy for you to choose the perfect one for different occasions.

    Big Banyan Merlot

    General specification about Big Banyan Merlot

    1Winery TypeBig Banyan Wines
    2Province – Country:Nashik Valley – India
    5Bottle Shape750 ml
    6Alcohol content13% vol
    7Serving Temperature16 -18 c

    It is a middle level best red wine brands in India for glowing skin. And it is a mixer of berries, cherries, pepper, and plums. Big Banyan Merlot is a tasty wine and made with grapes. Its wine has contained a quantity of alcohol at 14%. Big Banyan Merlot is a non-alcoholic drink which sixteen to eighteen-year-old children can easily drink. You can use the following material such as pasta, grilled meat, and veggies to drinks Big Banyan Merlot Wine. It is low costly best red wine brands for glowing skin and its price is 750 rupees of 750 ml.

    Fratelli Sette


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    Godfathers are the best red wine brand well-received in the northern part of the country. It is a good and soft full-boiled flavour red wine brands. It is too tasty that you can not to compromise to other wine brands. Godfather is best quality German hops drinks for the summer season. It contains only 7.5 % alcohol which you can easily drink.

    Kinvah Manthan by Kinvah

    Kinvah Manthan by Kinvah

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    1Winery typesRed wines
    2Province-countryBangalore -India
    3Grape variationN/A
    4Food pairingFavourite dishes
    5Bottle shape750ml
    6Alcohol content13%
    7Serving temperature16°-18°c

    Kinvah Manthan is a mixture of grapes with a premium of rich taste and soft aroma. It is a deep ruby wine also sweet and fruity. Kinvah Manthan is a child drink. It is better served while it is chilled at a temperature of 16°-18°c with your favourite dishes for exceptional and wonderful time. It tastes and the smell is very delicious. The cost price of Kinvah Manthan of one bottle Rs. 645.

    Chene by Reveilo Cabernet Sauvignon by Reveilo Wines

    reveilo best wines

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    General specification about Reveilo Cabernet Sauvignon

    1Winery typesDark fruity wines
    2Province-countryNasik -India
    3Grape variationN/A
    4Food pairingSauced meat, Heavy soups, lamb chops
    5Bottle shape750ml
    6Alcohol content13%
    7Serving temperature16°-18°c

    A wine full of energy made up of powerful bouquet of aromas with a mixture of black fruit and green pepper. The tannin’s are sweet and smooth giving the wine long and persistent finish. It is an extremely powerful collection of black fruit and green pepper which gives an aroma smell of spices. This dark and fruity wine is a medley of spices which suits the Indian tongue with an exceptional remark on their tongue for wine drinkers. This wine is best paired with lamb and other meat, it too best suited with spicy and tandoori dishes. It cost nearly about 1300rs per 750ml and it is also very much famous in India.

    Advantages of wine

    1. Most of the wine contains Resveratrol chemical product material that is good for health. But it helps to control the cancer disease also with control of the increment of the cancer cell.
    2. The wine increases the density of human bones because wine is a compound that contains various type of fruits juice and element. That is necessary for the body.
    3. The red wine made with different type of food due to  this reason it reduces the type 2 diabetes
    4. Approximately 50 % of the world habitat is anguish from untreatable acne. But in the case of acne is drinking wine good for health it could help you escape the nasty acne and its smear.
    5. If you are a face problem with bad blood vessels and BP disorders then the wine should be your last betake to renovate the condition.
    6. Drinking 1–3 glassesful of wine per day has been connected to a reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s syndrome
    7. A study of adult and elderly people explicated that those who drank 2–7 glasses of wine per week were few likely to become depressed.
    8. Drinking 2 glasses per day of natural or dealcoholized red wine for 4 weeks may diminish insulin resistance

    Disadvantages of wine

    Also with the advantages, there are many disadvantages of red wine. If you drink red wine in an insufficient amount it can increase the probability of the various type of diseases  such as

    1. Stroke
    2. Alcoholic hepatitis
    3. Hypertension
    4. Chronic addiction
    5. Depression due to overdose.
    6. Arrhythmias
    7. Fatty Liver syndrome
    8. Pancreatitis
    9. Liver cirrhosis
    10. Increased risk of depression
    11. Weight gain
    12. Increased risk of death and disease
    13. Cancer
    14. Stress

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    I have explain complete information about best red wine brand in India such as Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Chateau D’ori  Cabernet Merlot, Seagram Nine Hills etc. Also with other red wine brands available in India which you can drink. But I want to tell you the most important things about red wine brands that these are less beneficial for health but are pretty much more dangerous for health because of alcohol. Therefore you can select that wine which are less alcoholic in nature. As we already know that every thing has both its positive and negative aspect and the same situation retains here red wine has more number of disadvantage than its advantage. If you drink red wine in a limited quantity than it will be more beneficial for your health. And we already know that wine is not a necessity for human health.

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