Bira 91: best beer brand in India

    bira 91 beer
    15 Jan

    Bira 91: best beer brand in India

    As you know that various type of wine brands. Also, you have drunk many types of wine such as alcoholic or non-alcoholic. But do you know the latest wine brand Bira 91? Bira 91 beer is the latest wine brand that is popular at this time. Where 91 stands for India country code. Bira beer is a non-alcoholic drink comparison to other drink. Because Bira 91 contains 4.9 to 7% alcohol. Now Bira beer is a popular Indian craft beer brand manufactured by B9 Beverages Pvt Ltd. It was developed in 2015. There are many ingredients used to make Bira top beer brands such as wheat, barley, and hops, etc. It is available in the market in various quantity like 300 ml and 650 ml also with 500 cans. I am going to explain brief information about the best beer brand Bira. You can read out below.

    Bira beer origin

    Ankur Jain came back to India in 2007 after startup a healthcare project in New York. At the initial stage, he started an importing a few beers to hold in the quantum. Ankur Jain had no experienced in the sector of Liquor Business. He realized in 2014 that he can develop a new beer brand for the young urban population of India totally based on good flavor and quality. Bira 91 best beer in India for health was publically launch in February 2015 as the choice to the international brews imported to India with quirky and topical packaging.

    Founder and CEO: Bira 91

    Ankur Jain
    Ankur Jain

    Ankur Jain is a founder and CEO(chief executive officer) of Bira beer brand.

    Bira 91

    Founder of Bira beerAnkur Jain
    TypeCraft beer
    Manufacturer companyB9 Beverages
    Manufacturer countryIndia
    Manufacturer year2015
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    Bira 91 has developed various type of brands. That is available in the market the different color and various flavor.
    Bira 91 Variants

    1. Best Bira White beer
    2. Bira blonde beer
    3. Bira  lite beer
    4. Top Bira Strong beer
    5. Bira IPA beer

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    Bira White Beer


    Brand– Bira 91

    Alcohol content(ABV)-4.9%

    IBU-13 IBU



    Origin country-India

    Bira 91 White Ale is a choicely different wheat beer. Low in bitterness with a hint of pickled citrus and a soft finish. To making it beer, various type of gradient-like wheat, citrus acid and fruits use to mixed with passion.

    Bira blonde beer


    Brand– Bira 91

    Alcohol content(ABV)-4.9% AVB

    IBU-21 IBU

    Type-Crafty beer

    Style-Premium lager

    Origin country-India

    Bira 91 blonde is spender tasteless flavor beer. It is deep color beer and made with selected two-row barley, more malty and advanced hopped with fairy aroma and sharp hops.

    Bira lite beer

    Bira lite beer
    Bira lite beer

    Brand– Bira 91

    Alcohol content(ABV)-4.5% AVB

    IBU-21 IBU

    Style– Lager

    Origin country-India

    Price-300(100 ml bottle)

    Bira lite is a brand of Bira 91. It contains a low amount of calorie but it gives to you more taste. Also with it is an attractive and clever catchy beer brand in India for glowing skin. It is most popular in all state for better taste. It made to a mixed various product such as malted barley, Maize and Rice, water, hops, and yeast etc.

    Bira Strong beer


    Brand– Bira 91

    Alcohol content(ABV)-8.0% AVB

    Style-Wheat Ale

    Origin country-India

    Price-650(500ml cans bottle)

    Bira strong is the best brand of Bira 91. It is made with various different type of chemical product such as fruit, wheat, and barley, etc. It is golden color wine also with it is a very delicious drink.

    Bira IPA beer


    Brand- Bira 91

    Alcohol contains (ABV)-6.50% AVB

    Type-Pale Ale

    Style-American IPA

    Origin country-India

    Price-650(500ml cans bottle)

    Bira 91 strong is low quantity alcoholic drink. It contains only 6.50% alcohol. Also with it is available in the market in various quantity like 300 ml, 500 ml, etc and it cost also depends on its quantity.

    Bira 91 Price

    The price of Bira 91 brands is different in different places. Also with its price depends on quantity and brands. For example, when Bira beer launched, In 300 ml, it printed price anywhere between 170-220 rupees. But the present time price of Bira beer brands Rs 100 of 300 ml bottle.

    The Reason Of Popularity Bira Beer  In India

    There are many reasons for its popularity. you can read in brief.

    Light vs strong

    Light vs strong
    Light vs strong

    like another beer brand Bira 91 Strong is a “High-Intensity Wheat beer” it is one of the most powerful beers based on wheat. Its beer is top fermented ale giving the beer a unique and good taste that is low on bitterness, high on honey and caramel notes. At almost 7% alcohol by volume. Its beer is developed to user vertigo of taste to the mass market and aims to break the mainstream beer market.

    A beer that is healthier than milk


    Bira 91, launched in a few years ago, it is one of the first low-calorie beers to be introduced in the Indian market. According to Ankur Jain, said, “Bira beer Light is the less calorie option for any alcoholic beverage in the bar. It contains low quantity alcohol comparison to the glass of champagne or Cocktails. Bira beer is a mixture of orange and wheat.

    Beer-tapping the market

    Bira 91, where the 91 represent for India’s country code. Now recently available almost 15 cities. At this time The company is focusing on the premium beer space. B9 beverage Pvt Ltd Bira brand company want to open 8 new branches in different cities.

    Advantages of best beer brands: Bira 91

    There are many advantages of best beer brands which you can read step by step.

    1. Beer improves your cholesterol
    2. Beer is all-natural
    3. Give protection your heart
    4. Reduce to risks of type 2 Diabetes
    5. Decrease your blood pressure level

    The Beer improves your cholesterol

    Also with some disadvantages, Bira 91 has many advantages because Bira 91 really improves your cholesterol in your body. If you are drinks beer regularly according to your body need then it maintain your HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios of your body.

    Beer is all-natural

    There are many people have no knowledge about beer. And he says that it is chemically and drugs drink material and also with dislike to drink it. But they do not know that beer is fully naturally it makes with various type fruits like grapes juice, orange juice, and pineapple, etc. Therefore it is beneficial for body health. It has only 10 % alcohol.

    Give protection your heart

    According to Italian researchers, whose person drinks beer in limit quantity, low risk of heart diseases them comparison to the non-beer drinker. For more safety, keep your expenditure to 1 glass at almost 5 % alcohol by volume in per day. It is a slender benefit of beer because beer contains several nutritional elements that give protection to your physical health.

    Reduce to risks of type 2 Diabetes

    According to Dutch researchers investigated 38,000 male health experts and discovered that when men who weren’t big drinker started drinking slightly over 4 years, they were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

    Decrease your blood pressure level

    As you know that high & low blood pressure can be effective for a range of health problems, but beer can reduce your opportunity for hypertension, an analysis suggests. Deep research of, Harvard country researchers found that average beer drunkards have blood pressure well maintain. Are low likely to develop high blood pressure than those who sip wine or cocktails.

    Disadvantages of  beer

    1. It disbalance your blood sugar level
    2. Gluten
    3. Increase your body weight

    It disbalance your blood sugar level

    blood sugar level
    blood sugar level

    If you drink beer in quantity, beer drinking really conflicts with your body’s blood sugar levels. Essentially the liver decomposes glycogen stocked in it into glucose and delivers it into the bloodstream. While beer contains truly few amounts of alcohol with this process. And beer increase capacity of appetite due to this reason you eat sufficient food, gorging on more food may increase your body weight also blood sugar level.


    Mostly beer contains enough quantity of malted barley, also with other materials, And barley contains more quantity of proteins that called gluten. few people are more sensitive taking to gluten but it attacks the immune system also lining of the small intestine. If you want to protect your body celiac disease, you can avoid beer made from barley.

    Increase your body weight

    increase your body weight
    increase your body weight

    If you drink alcoholic beers scene for a long time, It increased your weight gain that is not good for your fitness. Sports or exercise are necessary for you to maintain your fitness if you drink beer regularly. After all, beer is the 3thrd most hugely consumed drink after water and tea.


    Above I have given complete information about Bira 91. It is the latest beer brand at this time and manufacture in 2015. Due to popularity of people, it is famous in our country. It is available in the various flavor also with low cost. At this time Bira 91 is a famous brand of young people. Also with beera 91  princer vodka is best beer brands which you can try to dirk. I hope this article provides you with more information about the latest beer brand:” Bira 91″ .

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