Techniques for Mobile Computing | Which We Can Use It

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    12 Feb

    Techniques for Mobile Computing | Which We Can Use It

    Techniques for Mobile Computing is very useful in modern time. Each and Every People use the techniques of Mobile Computing. Mobile computing technology helps us to transmission data, voice, and video, etc. So we can transfer data from one device to another device with a wire or wireless connection. It can be done using the concept of mobile computing. Mobile computing technology helps users access and transmit data from any remote location without being physically present. Therefore, having such a large coverage diameter, it is one of the fastest and most reliable sectors in the field of computer technology.

    Concept of Mobile computing

    A technology that is capable of providing an environment that allows users to transmit data from one device to another without the use of any physical link/cables is known as Mobile Computing. This means that data transmission is done wireless with the help of wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. Whenever any device connects to a network without being physically connected through a link or cable, the transmission of data such as messages, voice recordings, videos, etc.

    1. Mobile Communication

    It computing is using reliable and seamless communication. Mobile Computing has use protocols, bandwidth, and portals to facilitate and state support services. It also uses the services of collisions. Because when we transfer data from both sides then some data has been lost that is the region of collision. That Means it is Two-way transmission.

    2. Mobile Hardware

    Mobile Hardware is also necessary for the use of mobile computing. There are many hardware components for using Mobile hardware techniques like Laptop, smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. Mobile computing is not use only for mobile. This is the technology which is use for all types of hardware and software program. It also uses the services of full-duplex. It means that we can transfer data both sides at a time.

    3. Mobile Software

    Mobile Software is a program that is run of hardware platforms like Android, IOS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, etc. Hardware is also necessary for software both of the combinations make mobile computing techniques. Which is useful for tracking for like google map navigation etc. Google map navigation is the new feature to include google. Before this, We have not navigated the current location. This is also part of mobile computing techniques.

    Classification of Mobile Computing

    There are many classifications of Mobile Computing. Mobile computing is not use only for Mobiles but also useful for all types of devices and gadgets. The top three devices are support by mobile computing.

    1. PDA(Personal Device Assistance)

    PDA is use to transfer data from one device to another. It works as a synchronisation and Bluetooth compatible. Personal Digital Assistance also having the information of all edits and share documents and files.

    2. Smartphones

    Smartphones are use as a PDA. But the difference is it runs the program concurrently in PDA. This facility or feature is not available in PDA. It has also multi touch screen feature. It is use to any type of Operating systems like Google Android, BlackBerry, Apple IOS and Microsoft Windows, etc. We can also see the mobile view web pages and it has a high-resolution display.

    3. iPad and Tablet PC

    Tablet PC and iPad also look like a smartphone. Because it is also part of a smartphone but it is large from smartphones. And also having a multi touch screen. This screen we can handle like a pen or fingers also. There are many types of tabs like iPad, Galaxy and Blackberry, etc. We can access the internet, sharing files and edit files in this tablet or iPad also.

    Advantages of Mobile Computing

    Mobile computing updates and launch new features according to market needs and requirements So its update from time to time. Because it is fast and reliable for the user’s purposes. There are many features are support by Mobile Computing. There are given below. Please go throw the new feature and Advantages of Mobile Computing

     1. Location Flexibility Feature

    This is a very powerful feature of mobile computing. This feature is support by the user to assign the task is to perform at the given time. It also supports the location track feature. This means it also supports the location of all users.

    2. Time and Money

    Mobile computing also saves your health, wealth and Time. So this is a very powerful feature for you. You can send your document and files from your home and offices to another place within a few seconds. It is secure and trustworthy.

    3. Entertainment:

    We can also recording audio and video and go to streaming live with the help of mobile computing. It is very easy to access any type of videos and documents like movies, educational and informational. Mobile computing gives you a high speed for uploading and downloading videos and files etc.

    4. Business

    We can easily handle the business process with the help of mobile computing. Because it gives you a secure connection at the time of audio calling, Video calling, and Document sharing. So you can also use the facilities of the seminar. However, you can say that it gives you authentication at the time of accessing business-related queries for all users. Because it uses the facilities of the Adhoc network.

    Security Issues of Mobile Computing

    At this time no security issue in mobile computing. Because this is the best technology at this time, comparing to other technologies. However, sometimes hackers hack your program, systems, and theft your all information and change in your secure document. Because an ethical hacker has a very powerful mind. She told you that please this error or bugs are available in your program. Please resolve them. But sometimes we share our authentication with our friends and colleagues. At this time you can’t believe anyone. So these people share your document and change or delete your documents and files.

    Technologies of Mobile Computing

    Here we will discuss all the latest technology of mobile computing. Which is starting from 3G.

    1. 3G Technology

    This is the latest trending technology in the market. But some users left that technology because of the latest LTE technology is available in market. Which is cost-effective and fast technology in comparison to 3G technology. We can access the internet, audio and video call in this technology.

    2. GPS(Global Positioning System)

    GPS is the latest technology in the market. We can navigate your location on the earth and find out the tariff on the way. This technology also used in Military, air force and civil etc. However, it also helps you to find the weather in your location.

    3. LTE(Long Term Evolution):

    LTE is the fourth-generation technology. It is very fast to access the internet. LTE is the trending technology in the market.

    4. WiMAX(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)

    WIMAX is also fourth-generation technology. It is wireless and provides speed in Gbit/s. It covered a 30-meter wireless range and using LAN(Local Area Network). Because this technology uses a bandwidth feature. Which is a more powerful feature of mobile computing. It’s  a very important mobile computing techniques.

    5. NFC(Near Field Communication)

    NFC technology is use in smartphones. It is use for data transfer. It is connect to Wi-Fi.


    So we can say that mobile computing is a technique that is use in smartphones, tablets, etc. Firstly we have seen the introduction of mobile computing after that we have seen the concept of mobile computing. In concept, we have seen mobile communication, hardware, and software. Then we have seen the classification and features of mobile computing techniques. In classification, we describe PDA, smartphones, and iPad. After that, we can seen the advantages of Mobile computing. In advantages, we have seen the time complexity and location flexibility. We have seen security issues in mobile computing. However, we have the trending technology in the market.

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