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    25 Sep

    Hockey, A Game Of India

    Hockey is a game those plays between two teams, of eleven players each. In this game, we put the ball in the opponent’s team goal. The goalkeeper is responsible for blocking the goal made by the opponent’s team. The goalkeeper is equipped with a small hockey stick and a hockey pad. His aim is to
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    8 Sep

    5 Effective Benefits of Using Nitrile Gloves

    Gloves are used from ancient times to protect from cold weather and such harsh situations. These days, gloves become the necessity of human being, and you can find plenty of reasons to buy gloves. Even there are many types available in markets that are enough to fulfill your need. The disposable Nitrile Gloves are too
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    7 Sep

    Importance of Water in Our Life

    Water an important fluid in our body acting as energy booster in humans life. It cannot be substituted with any other liquid substance whether its milk, juice or any other energy drink. And if there is a lack in the human body of this substance then it may lead to many types of discomforts. Its
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    6 Sep

    7 Top colleges under Delhi University

    Let’s start with DU college as you know Delhi University is famous for its campus and activities. Yet I tell you that, if you want to do the course there are some college for students. And don’t stress your mind if your searching colleges in DU campus. Delhi University has 65 colleges and divided into
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    5 Sep

    5 Top Reasons of Using Custom Lapel Pins

    Lapel Pins are used from years, and you can easily find many posts in the department of police who uses such pins. There is no doubt that these can make you look better and make you stand among the crowd. Well, it is really a common thing. But, have you ever tried custom lapel pins
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    4 Sep

    10 Tips To Avoid The Mistakes For Floor Plan

    Each owner of his/her home has experienced it – Basically, I think you pick a home that you think this will be perfect for you and your family and once you move into, you surprised, “for what reason doesn’t this floor plan work for us”? Many owners of the householders can do some basic errors when searching
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    30 Aug

    Designing Your Space with the Right Light Fixture

    Image Source: Wikipedia When one desires to have the best of lighting fixtures then it would not be a difficult decision. Taking the decision may not be difficult, but in order to have the best of designing aspects in place may require some considerations. As one reads through it can be easily understood how to
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    28 Aug

    Basic role of Computer Science in Our daily life

    In the world of science, the study of theoretical foundations of information and compute their execution and applications or information in the computer system is known as Computer Science or also known as computing science. One well-known subject classification system for computer science is the ACM Computing Classification System derived by the Association for Computing
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    27 Aug

    Internet Of Things?It’s Easy If you Do it Smart

    The “Internet of things” (IOT) is turning into a Vast developing theme of discussion both in the work environment and outside of it. Fundamentally it is an idea that not just can possibly affect how we live yet additionally how we function. Yet, what precisely is the “Internet of things” and what effect is it going
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