Essential Oils For Anxiety | Anti-Anxiety Oils To Treat Stress

    4 Feb

    Essential Oils For Anxiety | Anti-Anxiety Oils To Treat Stress

    In this article, we describing some best essential oils to try for anxiety. Some essential oils are scented liquids and which is manufacture from fruits, plants, and flowers. The research suggested that some essential oils may help in aromatherapy. Like as relaxation and relieve anxiety. Because tension and anxiety have become regular problems in our accelerated life.

    This leads to an increase in stress-related health problems. Which is negative affects our mental and physical health. So tension and anxiety can be attribute to the deficiency of sleep, improve lifestyle commitments, and work stress.

    Best Essential Oils For Stress

    Aromatherapy is been using these essential oils since old times to increase feelings of quiet and relaxation. Because pure essential oils can help to alleviate stress, insomnia or depression after applying. This natural solution is to work provoking the surface of the brain responsible for our emotions. So these essential oils very effectively help to reduce negative emotions and quiet the mind and reduce anxiety.

    1. Jasmine Essential OilJasmine Essential Oil

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    Jasmine essential oil is mostly use in Asia as a natural resource for tension, anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression. Some countries are using jasmine essential oils traditionally to clear the respiratory system. Its is works as a natural sedative as well as having stimulating and it affects brain improvement and energy level. We can directly use a hot bath or your wrists or neck to support relaxation.

    2. Rose Oil

    rose oil

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    The Rose essential oil is make from the rose leaf. This smell is famous for restful emotions, headaches and even up hormones. Rose is know for increasing the heart in periods of big stress, sorrow, and depression. We can use the rose in bathing time with hot water. Because it helps to mood swings, hormones, and emotions.

    3. Lavender Essential Oil

    Lavender Essential Oil

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    The Lavender is the best and common oil for relaxation. If you regularly feel the tension or anxiety. Then it is the most important oil for you. Because it restores the nervous system by reducing blood pressure and heart rate. So it is very helpful to quiet the nerves and quiet the restlessness and increase the quality of sleep.


    4. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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    The Ylang Ylang Oil is make from the Indonesian Cananga tree. This essential oil increases feelings of relief and happiness. it cumulatively reduces heart speed increases your mood and promotes relaxation. This oil is helpful to release negative emotions, reducing tension and work as natural anxiety and depression healing.

    5. German Chamomile Oil

    German Chamomile Oil

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    If you are love chamomile tea. Then you will talk up the calming results of chamomile essential oil. Chamomile helps inner calm, change anxiety and quiet the nervous system. So we can use It also reduce the nub of the digestive tract, regulating mood and tension. For tension relief, mix chamomile essential oil with the other oil and use it.

    6. Melissa Essential Oil


    Melissa Essential Oil

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    you are don’t know Melissa oil is lemon balm. It has used hundreds of years ago and now we use it. It is know about the medicinal and uplifting qualities and it is also know as “elixir of life”. Melissa essential oil is quiet the mind, increase immunity and strengthens the nervous system. Because it is working as an antidepressant and release feelings of sadness and worry. So we can warm bath or massage directly on the skin to increase deep relaxation, reducing tension and anxiety.

    7.  Clary Sage Oil

    Clary Sage Oil

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    This Clary Sage oil is very effective it helps to quiet stress and anxiety with a beautiful earthy smell. It is magnifying feelings of well-being and inner peace. This is know as a great hormone balancer it helps to reducing the symptoms of PMS. It applies directly to feet and it helps to pulse point balance hormones. So Clary Sage is the best essential oils for anxiety.

    8. Neroli Oil

    Neroli Oil

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    This is gain from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Neroli oils smell is sweet, honey and certain with green and spicy. So we can use this oil of all ailments, including anxiety relief. The Ancient  Egyptian priests have used this oil to heal the bodies, souls, and minds. So it is best essential oils for anxiety. That is work as anodyne and regulated by the metabolic system. After that, he discharges the feeling of anger, irritability, and worries.

    9. Basil Oil

    Basil Oil

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    This is the best oil one of the low know essential oils. Which is to decrease tension and increase mood. This is the Queen of herbs in India. Because of its revered sacred and treated highly beneficial properties. Basil oil is a restful impact on the nervous system, reducing anxiety, stress, mental strain, and depression. This is also working as a natural exciting, boost peace and clearness of mind.

    10. Bergamot Oil

    Bergamot Oil

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    This oil is make from the peel of the aromatic citrus fruit. This oil is mostly use in classical Chinese medicine to improve the flow of energy. It is using the fight to bacterial infection and support digestive health. Which is promote to feelings of happiness, freshness, and power. Because this oil increases blood circulation excites hormonal secretions and digestive health, returning balance to the body.



    It should be recorded that important oils are highly purposeful and medicinal objects. Therefore, some safety precautions should be observe. For a normal man, most important oils are safe to use within a suitable dose. However, when essential oils are use for babies, elderly children or people with a serious illness. It is wise to do a little research to make sure you use the right oils and the correct dose.

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