Best Alternative Of Netflix in 2020

    Alternative Of Netflix
    11 Feb

     Best Alternative Of Netflix in 2020

    We all are living in the digital world, all now using the Internet. Along with work, people like to watch TV shows, movies for some time entertainment. Netflix’s online streaming changed the way we think about watching movies and shows. Netflix is ​​one of the most popular spots for users. It is popular due to its unique shows and high-quality features and alternative of Netflix.

    Now many users are disliking Netflix for some reason, which may be due to the high subscription price of Netflix. Users are beginning to search for better options. Yes, there are many best options available instead of Netflix, it is difficult to conclude the best alternative of Netflix, but we have succeeded in writing the list after reviewing many video streaming sites

    Top 10 Alternative Of Netflix

    In this article, we have written about the best alternatives of Netflix. Because the competition is hard. There are other platforms that offer excellent online features similar to Netflix.

    1. Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video streaming is a great alternative of Netflix. When you pay a year for this service, you get unlimited access to the Amazon Media Library and, unlike Netflix, you can watch HBO shows on Amazon Prime once you become a member.

    Amazon prime video

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    Amazon Prime Video Service, like Netflix, is also providing original content. You may not find some of Netflix’s original shows on Amazon, but Amazon definitely cops to help you provide amazing shows. The best thing about Amazon Prime Video is that it also offers free content. You can rent new release movies or buy them on Amazon.

    Why Use Amazon Prime?

    • Provides music subscription and free delivery
    • Unique and wide range of content

    2. Hulu Plus

    If you are only looking for TV shows, Hulu Plus is a great choice for all episodes of new shows. You can watch any of your favourite episodes anytime. Hulu Plus is one of the best online streaming sites on the internet which launched in 2008.


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    Their service has collaborated with numerous TV networks in order to bring fresh content to its consumers. With these contracts, Hulu has a private license to broadcast some TV shows. Other TV show streaming services can only broadcast TV episode shows a day after.

    Why Choose Hulu Plus?

    • Latest TV episode
    • Hulu works on wide range of devices

    3. YouTube Video

    YouTube is the largest and favourite video website. It is originally a video sharing channel, but the YouTube company has recently started offering premium content. With this new update, you can easily watch your Favourite TV show episodes and movies on YouTube Channel the way you watch them on Netflix and other streaming websites.

    ypu tube

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    YouTube works on every device that has an Internet connection. You can watch your favourite videos on YouTube as well as save videos. So it is the best alternative to Netflix.

    Why Choose YouTube?

    • Latest Music Streaming service
    • Works on all device
    • High Quality videos
    • You can watch any types of video like- study, entertainment, business skills and more
    • You can able to like, dislike, subscribe and comment on Videos

    4. Crackle

    Crackle online streaming is one of the best alternatives of Netflix that serves you to watch movies online. This streaming service is powered by Sony, so you are able to watch most of the content coming from Sony Studios.It is a free-of-cost streaming service which is why Crackles has added its name to the list of Netflix competitors.

    Crackle also has a collection of original shows and films. The experience of watching videos in it is good and you do not even have to create a user account to view its content in it.

    Why use crackle?

    • Provides free streaming of movies and TV shows

    The disadvantage of crackle online streaming is that this streaming service is currently limited to the US.

    5. Hotstar

    If you are living in India and are looking for a cheap alternative of Netflix, then Hotstar may be the app you need to watch. The show program offered by this streaming service has everything from Bollywood movies, cricket, live sports, international movies, and TV shows.


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    You can watch TV shows with Hotstar Prime membership before it is broadcast on TV, this is its biggest advantage.

    Why Use Hotstar?

    • You Can watch live streaming
    • Low membership plans

    6. Box-TV

    If you are looking for a best alternative of Netflix to online movie streaming service in India, then Box-TV is one of the best choices. Box-TV offers the best collection of movies and TV shows in 9 different languages including Hindi, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Kannada, etc.


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    The Box-TV streaming service is paid, but the very affordable cost – ₹199, £4.99, or $4.99  and the best advantage- it doesn’t mean if you are staying outside India because you can still use the website and enjoy your Favourite movies online. Box-TV online streaming service is available in India, Singapore, UAE, UK, and US.

    Why Use Box-TV?

    • Paid but available on affordable price
    • You can Access this service out of India

    7. HBO Now

    With over 10 million subscribers, HBO Now is the best alternative of Netflix for Game of Thrones lovers.

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    It is a paid streaming service on the Internet. Must pay $ 14.99 per month. It provides all films, TV shows, documentaries, sports streams etc. on HBO Now Online. Users can stream it to an almost infinite number of supported devices.

    Why use HBO Now?

    • Excellent cross-platform support with no device limitations.

    8. Mubi

    Mubi online movie streaming service has arrived in India. Like other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, etc.

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    Mubi online streaming is offering its service at a lower price in the entertainment market. It’s like an online movie theatre that allows you to view a movie for 30 days after which it gets renewed and no movie stays longer than 30 days.

    Why Use?

    • Saves time by listing classic, and international films
    • Available in over 200 countries with affordable subscription plans

    9. Disney Plus

    It’s amazing to us if you don’t already know about Disney Plus online streaming. This is a great alternative to Netflix that includes classic and current family movies and TV shows under its service. You can watch almost all movies and shows on Disney Plus easily and with high quality. So it’s a part of the alternative of netflix.

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    Disney Plus membership costs $ 7 per month or $ 70 for annual subscription. While it is currently only available in the US and some other countries, it will grow to Europe and parts of India at the end of March.

    Why Use Disney Plus?

    • Available in affordable subscription plan price

    10. Fandor

    The purpose of the fander is to make films of every type available to film enthusiasts. It offers over 5,000 indie, foreign and documentary films, most of which you will not find on streaming services like Netflix. You have the option to select all new and old films and you can filter them by country of production.

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    Fandor is the best option for those wanting to watch old movies. If you are fond of independent and classic films, then fandom can be your best alternative of Netflix. Its monthly membership is $ 5.99.

    Why Use Fandor?

    • Huge collection of indie movies
    • An editorial section highlighting interesting articles and videos


    You are using Netflix online streaming but if you do not feel happy with some of its factors like its high subscription plan, then you can use other streaming websites. Many channels have been created for online streaming.

    If you are looking for the best alternative of Netflix then you will find this post very beneficial. We have shared some options with you and you can find the best online streaming site for yourself by looking at their features.

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